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A few bugs with the game.


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Hey guys,

I found a few bugs jut need to report

1) This one is a common one, the achieves are messing up, badly.

2) REALID friends sayinf they are OFFLINE when messaging from real id and not their character names,t his is annoying because I have to type their character name or go to the list and select them to type.. NOT something you can do in nightmare and beyond easily.

3) SKIPPED QUESTS... In nightmare we got quests skipped with randoms. We weren't sure wtf happened... BUT all we know is that we didn't defeat the boss at the end of the act and was prompted to go tot he next act and there we weren't able to go back.. even in a new game I couldn't go kill the previous act bosses, ANY OF THEM... they were all gone.

4) I can't visit previous acts and farm bosses or the acts again? I'm having issues farming bosses if I want to... I can kill monsters.. but that's it. A bug? I'd hope so.

5) Idk if this is a bug, but when I use mirror image, I always get thrusted toward enemies, no matter what direction they are. They can be top of me and I go top, they can be bottom and I get tossed bottom, side... etc. You'd think it would toss you only 1 direction or AWAY.

6) Also, I can't go back to normal and make it public or I can't farm it? Like problem 4, I cannot access ANYTHING but what I'm at....

7) When I join a co op or make one, it starts me off at a different quest than what I was at.... Wasn't the whole point of the matching system for others to be match exactly where you were?
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Bump, it made me skip the last act boss still :( Darn... Is it normal to not be able to travel to previous acts? I forget if I read anything about it or not.

Also... all my current bugs are still in effect.
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Bump. still having all the issues... BTW need to know how to go to previous acts nd difficulties.
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A quick read of the How to write a good bug report sticky would have explained to you the importance of writing one bug a thread as well as not bumping posts.

You can change your Act and Difficulty in the Change Quest option in the main Battle.net screen.
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