Diablo® III

D3 via Socks Proxy over SSH /w Proxifier.

Hi guys - attempting to get D3 to work via socks proxy using Proxifier.

The connection seems OK but the result is 'error 315300 - yo password is wrong, sucka'.

The game works without issue on a standard connection and WoW does work via this method just fine.

Tried :-
1. Adding in the eu.actual.battle.net server into my hosts file.
2. Adjusting proxy settings so ALL traffic (even system calls) are proxied.
3. checking for D3 updates (none).

Any insight much appreciated.
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Bump. Trying to do the same thing, with the same error/issue. Anybody figured out a workaround yet?
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It would be interesting to know if it works on Windows using sockscap (or similar), if anyone can test that it would rule out the SSH tunnel or traffic problems.
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Serande and I were both using windows and ProxyCap. We tried two different SSH sources as well. After 5+ hours of trying randomly I got through once and played without issue (other than a bit more lag) but Serande never got through. We were both using the same originating network, but connected to SSH connections at two very different end points.
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I'm having the same issue with ssh tunnel
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*Bump anyone find a solution for error 315300 when using VPN?

I'm using yourfreedom VPN and proxifier to tunnel through a proxy:
Launcher works, Connects to battlenet but always error 315300 response for authentication

I've tried to add under hosts file: us.actual.battle.net eu.actual.battle.net

Tried a different PC, same result.
If I connect my cellphone to the pc and connect through 3g it works fine so nothing is wrong with the installation files.
I think it has something to do with the authentication server not liking the socks5 vpn connection or maybe 1 of the switches/routers along the way doesn't know how to handle this type of traffic.

If anyone has found a workaround it would be much appreciated
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Same here. Tunneled Diablo III via SOCKS5 over SSH with ProxyCap, on Mac OS X 10.7.

Launcher works, i can connect to battle.net, but then "Your login information was incorrect. Please try again. (Error 315300)".

Some details:

- Battle.net Region: Europe
- vServer located in Germany
- Login information is 100% correct
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ryz, have you solved this 315300? I am getting the same error.
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The Socks5 & widecap as proxifier worked for me. I made a "for dummies" tutorial in the case you're interested: http://www.summeli.fi/?p=2933
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The Socks5 & widecap as proxifier worked for me. I made a "for dummies" tutorial in the case you're interested: http://www.summeli.fi/?p=2933

Tried your guide and it didn't work for me. I think you need to be a little more specific about the steps, though I'm fairly certain I did everything correctly.
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Tried your guide and it didn't work for me. I think you need to be a little more specific about the steps, though I'm fairly certain I did everything correctly.

Might be helpful to be more specific about what steps aren't working for you :P
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Yoyoyo, I got my SSH working eventually! will share some info for those who still need help connecting from a non-home location;)
D3 needs UDP or you will get error 313500 at authentication even though your details are correct, so you can go to proxifiers wiki for a list, the proxifiers that support UDP connect "should technically" work, I tried widecap as someone elase suggested
but could never get it to work correctly, seems to be unreliable. Also tried ProxyCap and Freecap but none of them did the job.

openvpn is the way top go, download the windows installer for it, install with all options checked, go to network adapters and you will see that openvpn creates a TAP-Win32 adapter, leave ip address to obtain auto, and change the DNS to
Now this is the part I had to figure out myself, also add to the DNS of your local adapter, the one you are connecting through. You can use nslookup later to test, obviously you need to be connected to your vpn first.

Now you just need a SSH client and server which you probably already have. yourfreedom is a good free vpn but has limits or make your own SSH server at home which you can tunnel into if you know how, I use bitwise winssh server.

Yourfreedom configuration: you need to make an account first, use the configurations wizards, add your proxy setting into the configuration if you use a proxy, leave it to search for a server,

When picking a yourfreedom server, make sure you pick a server in EU or your own country if you are playing on the EU server and same for US server or else your account will get locked and you will have to reset password as I did.

Under ports (OpenVPN 1194) and (use UDP for OpenVPN) options must be checked, Connect and under messages it should eventually say OpenVPN ready, you are online

Can test your connection: internet explorer should be working with no proxy settings on it and no other DNS to resolve addresses besides the OpenVPN address!

Now you should be able to play d3:)

Some notes:
If you've experienced the problem i did with the launcher not launching even after its updated, from the launcher click reset game preferences then close it, kill agent.exe under your services then simply make a shortcut to diablo3.exe and add -launch in the target field. Start from the shortcut.

If you've been messing around with the hosts file trying to get this stuff to work, make sure you remove: us.actual.battle.net eu.actual.battle.net
from your host file before attempting any proxifieing or at the logon screen you won't hit the battlenet green check box;)
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@ frozenen i did tried what u said i am having porblems with openvpn, which version did you use ?

can u be specific about which version did u used and what to do after setup thanx
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@ frozenen thanx man i really works!!!!!!!!!!
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Seeing as how this is one of the top results that comes up on Google for a query on playing D3 through a proxy, I was able to get this to work by using Super Socks5Cap as my system proxy and bouncing traffic off my home SSH server.
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Can you show us a step by step to hwo to make it work using Super Socks5Cap ?

Thanks alot
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@frozenen can you please help me. I have no idea how to do this and I really want to play this
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