Diablo® III


when i'm installing i always get this error:

error: the folder "C:program files\diabloIII.temp" could not be created. (conflictmanager::createobjects)

im running on windows 7, i let the program run as administrator, checked the compatibility settings, and all but still get this error please help
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wow after three days of waiting, still no reply on this thread... does this mean i bought the game for nothing? T^T please help...
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I have the same problem aswell:/
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hi everyone, i spent hours trying to install d3. first i had the problem of "updating setup files" which is stuck at 33%. and i found the fixes by digging so much in the internets i couldve reached hell and back.
you can find the list here.
#5 worked for me, where i downloaded a copy of the setup files and extracted the zip file on
which should contain "C:\ProgramData\Battle.net"
the folder should have 3 folders inside:
Agent, Client, Setup. (where Client is the one that got stuck during the Agent launcher).

If you can't find the folder above, then it's because ProgramData is hidden. please just do yourself a favor and search for how to "Show hidden folders in <OS>".

After i got through this, i encountered the error when Diablo III installation started. it only went up to 0% and prompted this:
"C:\Program Files (x86)\DiabloIII.temp". (ConflictManager:CreateObjects)

And this might mean that the user doesnt have permission to write in the program files folder. which got me puzzled since im an Administrator, and i just installed my OS.
And it's Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit

I had no choice but to reinstall my OS again! using Windows 7 Ultimate (the 32 bit Version!)
and i crossed my fingers and spent hours again without sleep to wait for installation.. blah blah..

And then finally, i did Diablo 3 installation again from the start (same error as the initial part) and then got to the launcher part, where it went from 1% to 69% (and i again encountered another "stuck in oblivion" where the percentage wasnt moving)..
turns out, it was just the Internet Options.

go to your internet explorer > (Menu) Tools > Internet Options > Connections (tab) >
click LAN Settings (below) > uncheck "Automatically Detect Settings" > OK.

you can do the last set of steps above even during 69% or 77%. and then you will see that in a few minutes it will continue downloading.

And after 10 hours of installation.. hope you share this info if it helps you.
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thank you very much @triggerhappy! i would've gotten stuck at 77% as well if not for your very informative "walk-through" i will forever be indebted... after 2weeks of trying to install this (in between working and sleeping) i have FINALLY completed it... your help is VERY MUCH APPRECIATED.

@charmless, try disabling UAC if your on win7... that fixed the "create object" error for me... then do as trigger happy says... hope this helps you out as well ^_^

*(you can type "User Account Controls" on the control panel search button to find it)
goodluck and see you in the game!!! wooohooooo!!!!
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Had the same problem updating and install World of Warcraft. Happened to come by this post searching for the the error message I was receiving. This solution worked for me as well.
@Triggerhappy Thank you very much, this saved me from pulling out the rest of my hair.
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yeah, ugh, i tried what @triggerhappy suggested and it didn't work. btw, i'm running Windows 8... is this game known to have any issues with that OS?
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