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my issue with 3007

are they even working on this problem dammit...i hope this error wont last 10 years like it did for making the game
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what you can do to prevent DCed every 3-5 mins was to join the 'General Chat' and you also need to send some message in the chat.. (pretty lame thou) but it works for me as i was able to stay for more than an hour in a session before getting DCed again.. hope Bliz will find a solution.. a temporary sol'n would do for now
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nah i dont wanna play a game like that it isnt so fun so il wait couple more days if nothing im done with this game
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yea i cant even login to my account to join general chat. It just pops up and gives me the 3007 error... and i dont know how to mess with my internet settings because its wireless.
I was also pretty upset at the fact that i hadnt realized that i could take it back when i started to get so frustrated with this game not working the way it should. I understand its the first couple days but how long has this game been anticipated?
If something isnt fixed or some update for this hasn't come out in the next week, i'm selling my copy and info to someone else.. i'm very upset.
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error 3007 when logging in cant play my 70 dollar game ea and blizzerd damn
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I cannot log on too...Blizz come on... 3007 RLZ
Btw I cannot log on SC 2 neither, since last maintanance.

LF fix
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Port forwarding, port triggering, firewall setting adjustments, pathpings, tracerts, antivirus changing, router checking, changing to general chat, everything that has been talked about for the last week has been done. Still Error 3007. Like most I am one of many who spent $100 for the CE and still haven't been able to pay. Tomorrow, Tuesday May 22, 2012 will be the first official week of the release of Diablo III and many haven't been able to even create their first character.

Thousands have started asking for refunds, but since we have agreed and have had this games licensed to us, we can't get a refund. but I have to agree with several rebuttals, Blizzard isn't holding up their end. Please Blizzard, something, anything, please. A patch in the unknown future is not good enough. We need something. I paid $100 for this and haven't been able to do anything at all.
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Since I got this problem in Starcaft 2 (before maint. never) I think problem is on blizz side, not ours
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Tried it all, nothing works. Im getting kicked every 5 minutes.
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Hello everyone, i think i found a way to solve the error 3007. Since I start playing the D3 i was very often getting it about every 5 min, so I started looking for solution, which blizzard didn't have yet, but by knowing that the error was caused because my connection, i stabelized stabilize my IP and add manually the DNS primary and secondary of my connection. Since then, 3007 never happen again.

So, how to do it?

1st. - Check the gateway of your connection by command line, typing in the promt ipconfig and then finding the gateway, for example, mine is

2nd. - Get inside the properties of your connection, there you will find and option saying TCP/IPv4, there you'll type in these addresses:

IP Address: 192.168.1.xxx (range 5 to 240)
Subnet mask:

and at the DNS you will have to fin the DNS of your internet, they provide both of it, and then, you will past in both lines according to the primary and alternative one.

That's a solution i find myself, it doesn't means that will solve the others problem, but since that we have to help each other and this error is a pain in the ask (:lol:), that is a goot try.

good luck guys
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Alright, I have bee on the forums off and on for the 6 days. Tomorrow marks the first official week of release for Diablo III. I've on multiple occasions have summed up the entire 3007 issue. In shorter terms I will do it once more.


I've tried every single troubleshooting method that has been suggested by both you and other gamers on the forums. I still receive Error 3007 and occasionally 3006. Nothing has worked. There are so many who can't even make their first character. Like myself, I cannot even log-in far enough to change the chat settings, I get disconnected so quickly.

As for many here in the community, we are tired of the standardized 'Here are some troubleshooting tips'. We are tired of the lack of response, we are tired of the fact that we have all paid $60-$100 or the 1 year WoW subscription to get this and a large majority of use haven't been able to do anything.

In six days, 222 thread pages have been made. A large majority of them over errors resulting in the inability to play. At least 100 threads have been made over just error 3007, and over 3000 posts have been made on this error with only less then 15 response by Blizzard? And this is just on 30 pages of threads, not the full 222.
People have lost weapons, items, storyline progress, and now even some loosing characters all together if. These people are lucky to get in, but still to suffer this issue is ridiculous.

So many tickets have been put in on this matter, that now I can't get anything answered, this is all I get.


Thank you for contacting Blizzard Entertainment Customer Support.

We would like to thank you for the enthusiasm you have shown towards Blizzard games! Recently, we released Diablo III and due to the success of the launch we have received a high volume of phone calls, petitions, and other responses. We are working diligently to process all requests in a timely fashion; however, we are unable to get to your request at this time.

We recommend visiting our support site at us.battle.net/support as the self-service options are comprehensive and our articles are capable of answering most questions. If you are unable to find an answer, please re-open the petition which will retain your current place in line.


Blizzard Customer Support

I tried calling, I've tried multiple times this week and no less then a 90 minute wait, and even got a 'Estimated wait time' of roughly 5 hours!!! REALLY!?

For these errors, all we get is troubleshooting tips or as a blizzard rep has said "IF this is on our end, then we might be able to release a patch in the unknown future." IF, IF IF? really, thousands of players suffer this problem after so many have tried different things and it has started in so many ways and it's not Blizzards fault? well unknown future isn't good enough.

If you agreed to the terms and installed the program you can't get a refund. The game is now license to you, meaning by regulations of contract and FCC rules and stuff like that, you can't return the game. Though I have to agree with many others, we haven't been able to play at all, so Blizzard isn't holding up their end of the deal.

This is a server issue with either corrupt data, missing scripts, scripts in the wrong locations, or something along these lines. PLEASE Blizzard, stop giving us the same responses and give us something that can actually help

My First post made on Error 3007:
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it do not work! do u have any other solutions?
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Getting disconnected as well. Everything worked fine for the first 5 days but since yesterday I'm getting disconnected every 5 minutes. The game is totally unplayable atm..
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"If Blizzard expect you to be always online to play their game. Then Blizzard need to always be online whenever you want to play it".

why try to make an online only game if your servers can't even handle it? every single person who can't play deserves a full refund. i wouldn't mind the online if the GAME WORKED.
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due to the success of the launch we have received a high volume of phone calls, petitions, and other responses. We are working diligently to process all requests in a timely fashion; however, we are unable to get to your request at this time.

These Blizzard folks are simply delusional...
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Getting disconnected as well. Everything worked fine for the first 5 days but since yesterday I'm getting disconnected every 5 minutes. The game is totally unplayable atm..

Exact same here.
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