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Who is running Diablo3 on 4GB RAM ?

Hey guys anyone else running Diablo3 on 4 GB of RAM ? Because im and it actually taking up 70% ( well when my PC idle its 30 % so basically it takes 40% for Diablo3 )

Being Diablo3 well i think its consider to be a 10 years old game ? ?

Thats rather HIGH ! I mean usually most games i play , even better graphics , more mechanics , effects etc . It only take up to 50 - 60 % i never reaches 70% before till now.

But i can get a sweet average 90 + FPS in Diablo3. Well cant really tell because the numbers changes so fast but roughly i can tell its around least 80 - 90 average.
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Have you noticed how there's almost no loading times while you play? Yeah, a lot of stuff is getting stored in your RAM to allow that to happen. Graphic fidelity generally has very little to do with how much RAM is used in a game.
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Considering D3 is a 32-bit application, it is limited to 2 GiB of RAM at any given time.

I run it on a system with 32 GiB of RAM, installed to an 8 GiB ramdrive. Purs like a kitten :)

I imagine D3 caches resources as much as possible to avoid hitching as players come in and out.
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O yeah i forgot about that Rayvin.

Wao i didnt know there was so many overkill PC playing Diablo3 lol like urs Kaldaien

Because i saw many ppl posting , worry that their PC cannot play Diablo3 , most i c have quite old setup.

Well mine isnt any better though.

So do we consider actually considers D3 a 10 years old game or is it actually new.

I feel its using old game engine , i might be wrong , but i just feel =/
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I have the game installed on an Intel SSD and am playing on 32GB of RAM; runs smooth like butter. The game barely takes up any RAM when I'm running it.
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I have 3 computers my lowest one uses 8gb of ram and never had any issues to speak of
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