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Strange Beeps... Almost Like BIOS Code

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I'm hearing a strange, short beep while playing Diablo 3 (and only Diablo 3) that plays relatively frequently. It doesn't repeat, and it doesn't seem to be sticky keys or my keyboard getting pissed at me because so far it's regardless of input. Monitoring temps and such to be safe and the compy seems to be running just fine and is running the game very well.

Now, this may be an actual sound in the game that just sounds like BIOS beep to me. I'm playing a Witch Doctor, so if anybody knows of sounds that sounds like a short beep in the game in general or for the witch doctor, please let me know and I'll feel stupid but be glad to not worry.

Otherwise... anybody else experiencing this? Any ideas? I'd be down to post any additional info needed if that helps.

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It is likely to be your CPU or motherboard overheat warning. You can adjust the warning level in the BIOS.
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Are you running teamspeak 3 in the background? I was getting short beeps as well whenever I held alt and it was a TS3 setting that I had to change.
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What other programs are you running while you're playing D3? It's almost definitely going to be one of them.
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download SPECCY you can get it from Majorgeeks.com ignore people like Kittah he likes to chime in on every post even though he has no idea what he is speaking about.

THe beeps you are experiencing is from an overheated GPU, your processor would not beep when overheating it would make kind of a slow grind noise and power down.

You need to take off the side of your computer and put a house fan on it for now as a temp fix, A real fix is going to take about 2-3 9mm CASE fan's , they can be powered with the extra plugs from the power supply or some directly connect to the mobo, make sureu have a INTAKE o nthe bottom of the case and a exhaust at the top (hot air rises) and put the 3rd on the side of the case facing the gpu, also you might want to download " Speed Fan " and adjust your gpu's actual built in fan and take it off AUTO And put it to 100%
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Once you download the program SPECCY , let me know what temp your GPU and cpu and core's etcetc are all running at and we will get to the bottom of the problem. But i guarntee you tis the CPU overheating and the solution i gave you will owrk.
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Hey guys, thank you for the suggestions.

I already know how to monitor temps and stuff. My card isn't going above 65 C and it's fine to run at around 80 so that's not the problem. I run more intense games frequently. My processor runs a little hotter (for its cap) at around 60 C with a safe cap of 70. I run more intense games frequently and over the last day I monitored for diagnostics. Definitely does not seem like a hardware problem.

I don't really run anything in the background beyond security and SpeedFan, which haven't caused problems before.

However, I seem to have diagnosed my issue:

Somebody pointed out on a pre-release post in D3 forums that they were getting a strange beep in D3 ONLY when the little XP bonus windows popped up at the bottom (the forum post gives me an error when I click on it, prob because it's pre-release, but preview still shows in google). And indeed, this is the case with me as well. In particular, the one for destroying crates and such always gives me the strange little beep. So I'm not sure if this is a bug with that sound or if it's how that is supposed to sound and it's just sounding weird to me, but there you go.

SINCE this is the case, I'm not sure that there's much I can do about it on my end. Any ideas?

Again, thank you all for your suggestions!
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Whenever I msg someone or received a message I get this system/pc speaker sounding beep. It's driving me nuts. It started happening with the new patch 1.0.3.

I re-installed. It's not a motherboard issue, graphics issue or whatever. It's a bug introduced in the new version. For me at least.
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Are you sure its coming from an internal pc speaker, or could it be your normal audio output....Im thinking maybe you have a bad audio file in your install....maybe try to reinstall? or change your audio output settings in game?
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Only workaround is to turn off all sounds. Its not coming from the internal speaker, just describing it like that kind of sound.

I used the DVD install and then did the download. Doesn't fix the issue.

Thanks for the reply.
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From http://en.kioskea.net/faq/2356-windows-2000-xp-vista-disabling-the-internal-speaker-beeps


Even if you turn off the sound, the MS-DOS programs can still "beep" the internal speaker of the computer.

This can be annoying.

Here's how to disable it once and for all.
Type in an MS-DOS window (Start> Run> cmd):

net stop beep
sc config beep start= disabled

(Do not forget the space after the = sign)
Its done for the internal speaker.

Note that: This trick does not remove the beeps produced by the process of the bios during startup."

Worked for me, using device manager alone didn't do anything. Hope this helps.
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I'm hearing the same beep when the xp bonus window pops up. I also hear it randomly after i kill a bunch of mobs. all temps fine.
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Yes. I also here it after I kill mobs and I just noticed that a short-time aura appears at the same time with the beeping noise. This does not happen all the time though. But it is most irritating.
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This started happening to me lately....it never happened to me before..what is it?!?!? It usually happens like after I or we kill an elite or a mob and it just beeps and im like %%*@*@@@@ O_O any solutions?


I see...I see....
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Do you have any third party applications running that alert you to certain temperature thresholds?

For instance, a popular desktop gadget for Windows called GPU Meter has an alert sound set by default, so you may want to check the configuration for any 3rd party apps you are using
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UncleSally it is nice you want to help, but this thread is from May, with the last post being from December. The posters are unlikely to be back to view your advice. It is best to let dead threads lie...they tend to be old, musty, and dusty!. If you want to assist, try threads with current posts where the individuals are waiting for help.
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Thanks UncleSally, this was actually the case for me, same beeping sounds was GPU. Lucky me that you didnt follow MissCheetah's advice, I had actually quit for a few months cause of that damm beep, now I can go back again ^^
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Hi everyone,

I realize this thread is quite old, but it is the newest I could find about this issue. I have the exact same problem as discribed in this thread:

There is about a 50% chance, that when ever I get a ingame popup for a massacre or destroyed objects, my PC does a strange BIOS/mainboard like beep. It happens realiably, all the time.

(My mainboard is an ASRock Z77 pro4, and I am using the onboard sound)

What I tried to fix the problem without any success:

- Complete reinstall of the game
- Disableing beep in Windows as described in post #11
- Reinstall of sound drivers
- Bios update

Now I am desperate. Nothing has worked so far, and this beep is really annoying, every time I get to a decent killing speed, this beep happens so often... I go crazy :(

Are there any other people experiencing this problem? Has any of you solved this issue using other ways? Also I found other pretty old threads, where people describe the exact same problem, but also without definte solution:


Any help would be much appreciated!

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Your soundcard is on it's way out, or your CPU is overheating. What kind of CPU cooler do you have?

I use the same model MB with a coolermaser Hyper 212 cooler (They are like $25). The onboard sound is complete garbage regardless of it saying HD audio. It might be okay for playing music or a movie, but for gaming, it's garbage. Go get a dedicated soundcard. I recommend a Soundblaster Z pci-e (Around $65 if you can find them on sale)
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