Diablo® III

Faud the Cannibal

85 Draenei Death Knight
I do not know if this is a bug or not but this mob seems unkillable.
He's located in Faud's cellar in the howling plateau. It's my lvl 16 barbarian with the templar and enchantress in tow (i assume i am supposed to have them both as i have not had to choose between them yet) i enter the cellar the mob attacks but his health constantly regenerates at an accelerated rate. i get him down to about half health and he heals to full every time.
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Having the exact same problem.
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I finally defeated him! Man, he was tough! I was standing by the wall and my henchmen was in front of me blocking Faud's path. I just kept attacking him until he died. I still think the heal rate on Faud is borked, though.
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90 Night Elf Hunter
Just have to kite him, did it easily with a witch doctor
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85 Troll Priest
He heals when he melees his target. Just kite him and he will die eventually (obv easier with a ranged hero).
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What is KITE ?
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85 Orc Rogue
Yea it's total BS to attempt at killing this guy as melee.
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I am a Demon Hunter and was able to kill him easily by setting traps to slow him down and then literally just running around in circles and shooting him as fast as possible. The goal really is to just not let him touch you. The items he dropped for me kind of sucked, by the way.
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wow, I wondered about him as well, just ran into this last night. I Just looted the chest that was there & left the instance without killing him as it seemed futile.
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If u are a barb...use ur frenzy skill along with ur stomp skill to keep him stunned, as well as any other skill like spear that can snare or stun him. It may take a few minutes but it works
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Play around with your skills and runes. I destroyed him quick with monk.
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ive killed this guy numerous times as a monk and never had a problem, in fact I found him one of the easiest purples....
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Had the same situation for at least 10 minutes on lvl 16 Monk w/Templar + Enchantress in tow could not get him down below 25% before he regened to full, Blizzard needs to fix this or provide guide as to how to take him down. Should not take that long to put him away.
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Yea this guy was tougher for me than most of the bosses I had faced at this point as a wizard. I had to switch out of my standard skills to beat him.
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