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2 Hand Xbow VS. 2 1 Hand Xbows. Opinions?

So really, whats the way to go? Level 46 in NM and I'm rocking two 130+dps 1 handers, and I'm doing pretty great. Got the Multi-shot build going. I want to be the best I can be however, and I've never really done anything with a 2 hander/Quiver. Is it a good trade off? Or is two 1 handers the better choice?
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I am also curious to find out which is the better choice.
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Dual wielding hizzies is pretty much the worst option. I recommend using a bow+quiver but if you can't get that a 2h+quiver.
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1hand xbow + quiver = the best comobo for me so far
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Reasoning for dw being the worst? DPS seemed slightly higher with the quick tests I did.
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highest dps goes to 1hand xbow + quiver

higher attack speed goes to dual wield
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They're all really close. Except - dwing 1hxbow is usually worse than single wielding your better weapon combined with a dex quiver. Right now at level 42 I have a very sweet 1h crossbow that's got a base damage of 147.2 dps, so that's my best option. But I think that theortically a 2H bow should be able to have more DPS at a given level, and it would st ill get to use your quiver.

Archery bonus quality is Bow > Hizzy > 2HXbow.
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can anyone explain why 10% faster attack speed is better than a second xbow? at my low level thats all a quiver is adding, and doesn't having a second weapon increase your attack speed naturally? or are you doing like 50% offhand weapon damage and your attacks are slower with two xbows? when I moused over my second one with a quiver equipped it showed an increase in damage, but ofcourse it doesn't mention attack speed.
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When you dual wield, you do get an automatic 15% atk speed boost. That's a better atk speed boost than the 11% I'm getting out of quivers these days. And both crossbows benefit from the +dex on either bow. However, when dual wielding, you make half your attacks with your better xbow and half your attacks with your worse xbow. This is why, unless your xbows are very very close in DPS, you're better off just using your better xbow full time.
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can anyone confirm, you get the +15% attack speed bonus if you use 1h + quiver right?
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The way DW works:

fire MH then waits according to MH attack speed
fire OH then waits according to OH attack speed
repeat cycle

This means that if you have a quiver your MH is firing each time. So if other modifiers between your OH and quiver are equal then your OH needs to be at ~93% or more of your MH dps.

You can check your OH DPS while dual wielding by having your character sheet up and firing a single shot. You will see it change. Your true DPS would be the weighted average of the two with respect to attack speed (if they are the same its just the average).
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