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Bola Shot (Thunder Ball) under rated?

I see a lot of build having their (L) mouse set on either Entangling Shot or Hungering Arrow. For me I like Bola Shot (Thunder Ball) because of the AOE plus especially the stun effect where it can work very well in all situations including boss fights. You guys may argue Impale can have a stun effect as well but at 25 Hatred cost, how long can you use it? Thunder Ball however can be spammed and resulting in so much perma stun in so many boss fights for me.

So can anyone inspire my why Thunder Ball is so rarely used?

A humble lv43 DH (:
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Bat with justice is served = more than enough hatred to spam impale and win. bola is garbage either way, you need dps on the fly, not 3 seconds later, stun or no stun.
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Because the game is new :) If you like the skill and have success with it, just stick with it. There is no ultimate build yet.
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I've also been wondering why no one uses it. I love Bola Shot, but I'm lower lvl than you (23) so I can't use Thunder Ball. I'm using Volatile Explosives and agree that the AoE is great, but I'm definitely excited for the stun effect when I level up. I find all the stun/snare abilities the DH has to be one of my favorite aspects of the class, so far. Granted, Bola Shot doesn't do the greatest damage but I use it as my main attack, as sort of a filler. So the hatred regeneration (+ eventual stun with Thunder Ball) for other higher hitting skills is a definite plus. Granted, I am only in Act 2 normal so I'm sure I'll switch things up at some point :] but for now, it's been working for me.
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Low level skill speculation is a waste of everyone time and effort either way. Hit 60 then we can theory craft about what realllyyy matters as we progress through inferno.
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hey man i use bola as well , i dont start a fight left clicking... i have a full hate pool why would i do that ? by the time i use my left click i got them slowed till like 80% and im gona keep them slowed/stuned / over all cc'ed with my bolas while i get my hate back
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I used to use the Bola shot with the increased explosion radius, but dropped it for Devouring (Hunger) Arrow for a few various reasons.

1. Bola shot is good damage considering it is a hatred builder, and can hit multiple targets.
2. Bola shot can be spammed across multiple enemies, unless it does its little 'grab' where it hits the enemy next to the one you are aiming for.
3. On lower difficulties (Normal Mode) AOE attacks are extremely effectively against almost all packs of enemies.

But these are not enough. At later difficulties you want damage NOW, not in a second or two. Bola is great at lower levels for AoE damage, but at higher ones you NEED a better attack (Cluster Arrow, Multi, etc) with more damage and or more AoE radius. That 1-second deal at higher difficulties could mean the difference in surviving with a pinch of health, or having that super-fast/teleporting/etc mob from leaping to you and ripping you apart before that explosion goes off.

Just saying. I traded it off and replaced the AoE with the one from Cluster Arrow. Sure I only get three shots off, but they hit MUCH harder. At even higher levels I might trade that one off as well.
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I used to use it. As I got further through hell mode though (currently level 56) I found barbs/monks that have reached that point can tank/kite 1 champ/boss by themselves, my dps is good enough I don't need to stunlock normal monsters, and the bosses/champs that give you trouble are immune to stun, in a swarm or very fast. Also the 1s delay meant you can't save yourself if you get pulled into by vortex or some other situation where you couldn't kite. As I ended up only using it relegated to stunlock a single champ that the barb/monk could handle themselves, I swapped it out.
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Bolashot is amazing. Been using it since i got it, currently starting inferno difficulty.
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just about to hit 34 in a1 nightmare on hardcore. if ur running with another person bola shot with thunderball, and elemental arrows (the frost ones that split and snare) are clutch. you get the aoe damage from bola, the slow affect from elemental, and the occasional stun from bola, and mobs keep their distance. it has worked great for me so far.

i even got my first mighty blow acheiv in a4 norm from that combination.. 30 kills with one shot.
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Well the only think i find useful about bola is for bosses that dont spawn many adds.

I use bola with thunderball and Impale to stun lock diablo in nightmare mode. With a bat companion u can literally stun him most of the fight while ur other pt members dps him down.

But as the others have said, Hell mode and above, there are better skills to use.
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Ive been using it through nigthmare at 35 along with catrops with 2 second immobilise. I like to kite the enemies and bunch them up with immobilise so bola aoe + stun works for me.
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