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Vampiric desecrator impossible to kill

Anyone else having this problem - vampiric desecrator was impossible to kill for me because of my follower. It created those molten patches and although I was moving out of them my follower wasn't. So he just stood in them taking damage and healing the champion a lot faster than I could damage it. I just couldn't kill it. Eventually the follower dropped to a knee and I managed to bring the mob to about 1/3 health but the templar revived and took damage again while healing the champion back to full.... :( My suggestion - don't let vampiric champions heal from damaging followers!!!
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Whenever I solo, if I see vampiric and some AoE, I immediately have dismiss the follower or the mob gets infinite health.
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I always tough it out, like a boss.

But yeah, followers are idiots who like to stand in bad. They stand in poison, fire, enchanted beams, and of course, desecration.

It does make vampiric/desecration enemies quite an issue...
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
First one of these I ran into was an elite just outside the cathedral in NM Act I. I wasn't really paying close attention to the type of mob it was until it kept healing to full faster than I could damage it (was lvl 31 Barb at the time with Scoundrel; playing solo). Tried kiting it around and same problem. Figured I'd just run out of range but it followed me all the way back into the middle of New Tristram. Between my companions damage and the NPC's doing damage and me trying to keep out of desecration and hoping everyone else stayed out of it it eventually died. Not easy since it was healing from the NPC's too. I actually zoned into Cain's house and redid my build at one point. Dang thing was waiting very patiently for me to come back out and play. Frankly it is beyond ridiculous that a mob is even able to cross an entire zone. Besides the stupidly high amount that the vampiric ability leeches, especially since it appears to be amplified by the amount of health you (and your companion) lose in the descrations. Blizz needs to rethink how vampiric works and adjust the amount.

From here on out I think I'll take a leaf from Pacalypse's book and just dismiss my companion ASAP for these mobs. Tho as melee it's going to be very problematic to do much damage when I can't actually get within melee range.
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90 Gnome Warlock
Whenever you encounter a vampiric pack dismiss your follower. Every time your follower takes damage it heals the pack.
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85 Night Elf Hunter
my problem seems to be dang phantoms in the shadow world with Molten and vampiric
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If you are unable to dps through the vamp just attacking your follower and are in any build but a straight tank, then it is merely a gear/dps problem. You will keep encountering gear checks throughout this game that at first you think are are impossible then you farm/AH some gear and boom, it is easy again.
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I'm playing a level 41 barb and have been fighting the same champion vampiric/dessicating mob for over 30 minutes now. I've managed to defeat the minions, but I simply can't hit the sub-boss for enough damage before he manages to hit me. Avoid the molten pools mostly, but I can't leap in to hit and leap back out without being hit....I can't whirl in and out. He has 36K points and I once managed to get him down to 26 - but it only took a couple hits and he was back to full. Argh!
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90 Human Paladin
Good luck with that. On the harder modes you wont get 30 minutes to kill. You will hit an "enrage timer". More less a debuff you get that ticks your health away if you take to long to kill said mobs.
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Yay ;) Trying to find gear to increase my DPS so next time I might have a chance. Pretty much everything on this act is easy, but that one guy was drastically harder than anything I've faced.
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53 Worgen Mage
Sounds like a DPS issue. I ran into the same guy with my WD, noticed that his hp wasn't dropping much before it went back up, so I upped the spells and stepped back so the stupid follower got out of his range long enough to get him killed.
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Just fought a nightmarish vampiric ranged mob that shoots DOT fireballs and runs away from you. Probably the most annoying thing ever.
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85 Night Elf Priest
Great tip on dismissing follower. Thanks!
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90 Human Warrior
well, at least you don't run into mobs who's special ability is "invulnerable" those are just retarded... because seriously, you can't do much except kite them out of the way of where you need to go, die, and hope you can run far enough around them that they wont see you :/

btw i play a wizard
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I'm doing NM right now and I ran into a pack of 4 mobs with vampiric. I dismissed all my minions but Leah is stuck with me because of a quest. I think the most I damage I have done is get 1 mob down to 90%. I'm about ready to go do homework or hang out with friends because this is just ridiculous.
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In response to the whole invulnerable thing... all it means is you have to kill the main mob, the minions are the only ones that are invulnerable
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Ok im having the same problem but the follower that is causing the issues is Tyrael how do I fix this? Its the Elites b4 diablo that is the problem on nightmare any suggestions?
they are molten vampiric and they are healing from tyrael
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Considering how followers are nearly worthless DPS wise, there is no excuse for them to be leechable by enemies. And while we are at it, leech shouldn't work on puddles on the ground either.

Vampiric is all kinds of stupidly powerful in this game :/
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Gets even worse with a Mystic Ally and Follower...
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