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My Build for Soloing Belial NM

Not triyng to brag at all but I know people said they struggled with Belial solo so i thought i would offer my build/tips. I was level 42 and it still took me around 30 minutes and 5 or 6 attempts for first kill but it was quite epic.

anyways my build is


So basically once you are at his final phase which should be the only troubling part, you should always to be vaulting when you can in order to get the speed buff and I found that constantly moving around from end to end made it easier to dodge his attacks. If you ever get hit by one, which you most likely will, make sure to use shadow power/preperation/potion because 2 hits usually killed me. The hardest part is when he does the massive aoe and i found it easier to not even bother attacking him and just focus on dodging. Make sure to keep 60% speed up from passive or you will most likely die. Even so, it does seem a bit chance whether or not you die here but you will have to survive it 3 times. Its pretty fun fight and I would recommend trying to solo it a few times rather then group of 4 as it reminds of some of the hardest fights in dark souls.
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i its pretty easy if you know few tircks XD i did him with 10k hp - every hit in p3 outside breath were instakilling me and in p2 he was taking 50% with one hit.

p1) went right and killed the adds as they spawn - didnt pick the globes.
p2) waited there for him to come then nuke him hith mark RF and SS to negate damage , pick up globes and repeat RF salvo that was trigerring p3 for me. Even if some adds spawned here they didnt get to me and got despawned. Wihtout the globe trick i had problems with adds and died because i did not hp to play survival game.
p3) Its possible to avoid all damage here.
Breath doesnt hit you if you are in corner that he starts casting it from.
Hands - there is goo where hand will land - he got single hit arm with a slow charge up that is easy to avoid. The other is 3 hit combo starting with left hand aimed at you then right hand slightily to the right from the first hit and third is two hand hit that covers wide area in front of him. He wont turn during the 3 hit combo so if you dodged it to the left you can safely dps.
When he spawns goo - its good time to regen discipline , hwoever dont hasistate to use SS when being surrounded by goo and then suddenly he adds next one on you.

EDIT : i spoke about hell :S
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