Diablo® III

Fog of War Comes Back

You get to a new place the map is empty except for the immediate area you're in. As you explore, more and more of the map gets exposed and if you explore the whole area, when you press m you get to see the whole map.

When you progress past that point in the story and have gone on to newer zones and come back to that older zone, you no longer have the exposed map; you have to re-explore. Shouldn't I already know this area and the map should still be fully exposed from my previous exploration?

Not sure if this is a bug or if its intentional or some feature hasn't been implemented yet
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That's normal.

It is an intentional feature of Diablo (has been in the first two games as well) to be able to go back to any area after resuming the game to have it been filled with monsters and loot again.

This greatly increases the replay value and allows us to level up in less dangerous areas before advancing further should we find ourselves dying too much.
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But when I go back, there are no new mobs to kill; the place has been cleared and the map is the same. I shouldn't have to rediscover the same map.

Im not talking about at the beginning when you log on and you get to pick a new quest. I'm talking about if I stay on my current quest but go back to places that I've already quested through using waypoints. Shouldn't those maps be as visible to me later as they were when I left them?
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Not if you started a new game....(with that i mean you log out of your current game and later you do RESUME game..(thats a new generated game....and some mobs are gone..like bosses etc if you already killed them)).

Normal mobs however should again be there and the map should be covered with fog of war
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Yes, I see and Baumvieh was correct. Everytime I resume game the map is a new random one with new mobs, bosses still dead. Got it.
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OMG this is TOTALLY ANNOYING!!! I spent all that time clearing the map area and then I log back in to find I have to do it ALL over again! STUPID!
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while it can be annoying it can also be usefull
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09/23/2012 04:43 PMPosted by Theirone
while it can be annoying it can also be usefull

Why did you necro this useless thread......?
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