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[Video] level 60 DH commentary (crit build)

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I don't proclaim to have all the answers, the best build, or the best gear. I just didn't really see many level 60 gameplay videos of the Demon Hunter on YouTube and I figured I would do a little commentary showing off some of the skills, the play style, my thoughts, and my take on a viable build.

I talk a little bit about the actual build at the beginning, and go more in depth towards the end. Skip to around 4:00 if you just want to see the gameplay. The first encounter goes somewhat badly because I wasn't paying attention and had no health potions... but I got it together and just ran through a bit of the last A3 dungeon on Hell just to show the play style.

I'm using a critical chance/damage build with about 20k damage on the top end due to Sharpshooter. It's nothing special, but for those of you who are lower level, maybe considering switching classes (like I was not too long ago), I just wanted to show that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

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Also here are the current stats with this build. Got a new bow since recording the video for my off-hand, with critical damage at 199% it brings me to a top end of 23,567 damage. Not sure if anyone else has really experimented with this all critical chance/damage build (I still need a lot of gear to really experiment with it) but so far it's looking like it could be really viable, especially in PvP.

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Stop posting your damage with SS buff boosting you to 100% crit chance.


It has no valid value when assessing the differences between DH builds, gear choices, or when comparing one DH to the next.
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Just trying to show the general idea and what to expect from the class with this build, Koelof. Part of what I'm doing is trying to attract attention to the class since everyone seems to be busy playing all the other classes in the game. The bottom line is, if you don't like to see me posting a screenshot of the stats, don't look at the screenshot. I made sure to explain both in the video and in this post that the damage number is not reflective of my true base damage, rather it's my top end. Either you're not paying attention or you're just a troll.

I don't care if you don't like it... it is a valid way to assess the class when you combine it with showing actual gameplay. I'm not just posting numbers, I'm posting a video showing basically how the class plays when in this spec and what to expect for those who are interested in knowing. If you're not interested in knowing... then go away. It's that simple.
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I use the crit build and it's definitely viable. It's even quite fun when you chain up those 80k crits on a boss and shave off a huge chunk of his health instantly.

But in the OP you advise it for lower level players. I wouldn't recommend running crit builds until you can get a good amount of +crit chance on your gear, which is quite hard when you're leveling up.
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I didn't mean to advise the build for lower level players, what I meant to get across was that this information, this video, this commentary is aimed at lower level players so they know what options they have at a higher level. It's definitely not viable at all until pretty much max level. It's something to look forward to for those players who feel like they're not hitting very hard as a DH while leveling up. In the early levels, my Barbarian friend was hitting harder than me, and I know that personally made me a little bit disappointed with the class. Now I'm starting to see how viable it can be and I'm trying to share that with other people who might be feeling the same way I did earlier.
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