During the course of the last several hours ( May 20, 2012), beginning sometime in the middle of the afternoon (I'd say between 3-4 PM, but I'm not really sure) until about 7:35 PM, when I logged out to make this report, I received a message that "this player is offline" during conversations with a friend (on my RealId friends list) when I hit the R key to reply.

I found that I could work around this by hitting the "Chat" button from the in-game Friend's screen, MOSTLY. I received the same response (player is offline) a time or two from the Chat button, as well, however.

I asked my friend if he was experiencing the same thing ... at first, he said no, but then, at the end of our conversation, he experienced the same bug, although it only happened once before I logged.

I was having another conversation with another friend, (during approximately this same time period) and did not have this occur, however