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Mojo vs Shield

What's better? I'm level 34 and I have a 255 armor +30 int shield, then a mojo that gives 6-8 dmg and +62 int... how significant is "6-8" dmg? That sounds so insignificant to me, but is it scaled? Why would I use that instead of a shield with massive armor bonus? Thoughts!
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6-8 damage is pretty massive.
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Some stats only appears on Mojo like the WD skill specific bonus stats and mana regeneration. Other than that, it depends on your build, for example a summoner WD will benefit more from shield than a Dire Bat spammer WD.
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Six to eight is a lot. Watch your dps when you switch between the shield and the mojo. It's all about optimizing dps and survivability.
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Well, I recommend using a 2H weapon up until Hell. After that, you need a 900 DPS 2H weapon or a 700 DPS 1H weapon with a Mojo or Shield (which is better is a matter of debate right now).
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Swapping between offhand/shield, the dps number should be accurate. At level 34, 6-8 more damage is a ton. It also scales with the soul harvest buff very well. Generally I agree with Suzut on the 2H leveling, but with that offhand it may not work out that way, check for a rare 2H cheap on the ah.

Direct answer to op: yes, 6-8 damage is scaled off your int, as well as soul harvest. For nightmare you shouldn't have real survival issues; stack damage high and kill everything before its dangerous.
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it's easier at lower levels to find 2h's that out perform the 1h+ mojo in damage by a large margin, although the 1h + mojo can still be competitive if you aren't a cheapskate and pickup the highest damage + int 1h and highest +damage + int mojo you can find.
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