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The hacker found (with screenshot)

i got hacked save me save me. ps blizz give me my items back
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It was only a matter of time before the douche bags of this world started "hacking" into players accounts.

Especially with the real money auction system this is going to become a big problem. I suggest using a unique and separate e-mail address that you never use for anything else. Do NOT use the same password for your battle.net account as you do for anything else, make it unique. Write it down and keep it somewhere safe away from prying eyes. On top of that make sure your computer is secure, only stick with legit versions of the game and use a very secure password.

For example: "8vnm3NFka92fkwQFQSFNNM" is secure. Anything random. Or use a combination of say 4-5 words. For example: "iWILLnotBEhacked"

If you then get hacked after that then Blizzard has a serious security issue.

As for returning your items, unless Blizzard can get them back from the player whole stole them, they wont replace them because of the room for abuse. For example; get friend A to log in to your account, steal your stuff. Report the hacking, get the items back. Friend A passed items onto Friend B who passed them onto C. Who then passes them back to you.

I pretty much doubt Blizzard will even be remotely interested in spending the time though to find what items were taken (if there's logs). Who took them, where they ended up, getting them back and returning them to you. But best of luck anyway. Learn from your mistakes.


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Seriously, I will never to this day understand why people are getting hacked all of the time. It's SO simple not to get hacked.

Here is a list of software that EVERYONE should have installed and always updated:

Avast (insert your favorite anti virus app here) anti virus

Your system at a MINIMUM should have the above installed and running and up to date.

Tips for making sure you don't get hacked/password stolen:

1. NEVER use the same password for different sites. That's just plain dumb, and I won't explain it because if you can't figure that out on your own, there is no hope for you.

2. Never install toolbars from software. What is the point of a toolbar? I had to clean people's systems where they had 20+ toolbars installed into their browsers....seriously people are dumb.

3. Don't download ANY kind of software from sites you don't know about. If the browser doesn't already have it installed, then you don't need it. Go a a videosite and it wants you to download their "viewing program"? Hell no, if you got VLC or some other superior video software on your system you already have the codecs you need. You shouldn't "need" anything else to watch videos.

4. Don't share your password. Not because you shouldn't trust your friend or whatever to do something, but because if the person you are sharing your password with might not be doing the things I listed here. They might be dumb as a fracking tree stump.

5. Make sure in your folder settings that extensions are always shown. If you can't see extensions and just click on things, your going to get infected. If anyone clicks on something that says "Picture" for instance and you can't see the extension, it might possibly be an .exe file. AKA: smart people use the tactic of naming something that they know your average idiot will click on without thinking because they know that Windows comes preinstalled with the extensions of files not showing by default, and idiots always click on things without actually reading what they are clicking on.

I bet that's the number one reason why people's computers are infected because they install something without knowing its an actual program and NOT a mp3 or a picture. The dumbest thing Microsoft has done is try to emulate the Mac by hiding extensions. That's just dumb. First thing I do when I install an OS is set all of the folder attributes to the way smart people want them, aka we want to see EVERYTHING, not some default cookie cutter low IQ approach that MS likes to set.

So true. If those people are that sophisticated wouldn't they rather go after you online bank accounts instead of game accounts?

Technically Diablo will soon be a bank account. With real money auctions... Besides, my bank accounts WAY more secure than Blizzard will ever be. You don't have to be sophisticated to con people that aren't so computer knowledgeable. If they had the brains they wouldn't be hacking at all they'd be making something with their lives. They're just sad little basement junkies with nothing better to do in life.
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There are lots of those around and blizz won't do something since they are 100% sure there are no problens with the game or bnet.
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