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Auction House App

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This would be nice and I think they should do it as well, but NOT before they actually fix the real issues with this game. Make stuff work properly then add features please.
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Pretty sure this might be more of a security issue, and would be something way way way down the line. I honestly dont see it happening at all, since once they are able to focus on doing something like this that there will be very little money left in the AH to be made.
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Feel the same way.
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They have it for WoW. Cant they just change the server and a few skins to make it work?
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AH in WoW and in here are whole different story, IMO. They definitely would have to develop an adapter or even the whole thing anew... This feature, as well as an "armory" where you can check out your char and compare it to your friends, would be really great. It would be nice to have access to your "stuff" without actually logging into the game, you won't need to try and memorize your stats/items. And bids on action house will finally be an option for people like me, who spend most of the day at work.
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That's what i've been thinking for a looong time! Come one, Blizzard, you'll be making money after all.
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I want such a app to it is easy to check the status of items while you are doing other things then gaming most of the time you must have a perfect timing to buy an item and on that times you are not on you pc.
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no replies from bliss?
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That would be more than awesome. No more auction missing ^^
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Love these 2 things
- Access to the Auction House from outside of the game, via web and/or mobile app
- Gifting of items or gold to friends
But I think a mobile app would be a big security problem, but make AH able through Diable3.com would be awesome!
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+3 here
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