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Im moving my topic off of the General Thread, it gets bumped down to page 6 in about 30 seconds by all the people who are whining...
So hopefully some of you are actually interested
Original Post:
I'm currently working on a spreadsheet based gear calculator to help compare various items and generate more precise damage info other than the "damage" category in the inventory. So far it's going well except I've run into a little issue. All the math is accurate, but when testing the approximate skill damage calculations I've found that enemy resistances/armor dramatically alter the actual in-game result. Of course this makes perfect sense, but I was hoping that blizz (or anyone for that matter) might be able to provide a little more info on how these stats are generated for regular monsters, blues, and yellows. So far from simple testing (magic missile no rune and +dmg run, calc is wiz only ATM) I've found the following:

@lvl 52, all act 1 skeles and zombies
All damage across all difficulties appears to be mitigated by between 25 to 35% (just being broad so I don't have to list all my test results)

I'm planning on doing more testing, but I was surprised, but not shocked to see armor or resistance the same across all difficulties for the most part. I'm just curious (I plan on testing more, but figured I'd ask) if this damage mitigation is relatively constant for all normal mobs through all acts. Is there a specific way it is generated? Is each monster completely unique? Any contribution is appreciated, as it will greatly improve the accuracy of my project :)

Thanks, and cheers!

After a bit more work:
Anyway, for people still enjoying the game and looking to maximize there characters potential lol...
Did some more testing and found that some of my numbers were off, I may be wrong on this but it seems like although it does reflect in the actual base weapon damage when there is magic damage or a gem... my calculations show that they are still added into the total damage output of a character. So say your total damage on a weapon was 25-48, 5-10 holy and 5-10 gem. If it were unsocketed it would show as 20-38 base weapon damage. When its socketed, from my calculations (could be way off here), the actual damage thats being output is the 25-48, plus another 5-10 for both the holy and the gem...
When I posted before about 25-35% damage mitigation, some of my initial calculations were a bit off, resulting in higher damage output than what should have been. After fixing it, the damage mitigation appears to be much lower, closer to about 10 or 15%...
Always learning right?

Im hoping to have a working version up for people to play with in the next day or 2, currently im only focusing on Wiz calculations as thats the class I play. It will include dropdown menus that will allow you to pick a skill and rune and it will show your approximate real damage per hit calculation. In addition it will allow you to type in values for replacing a specific piece of equipment to see what the changes would be. So far after fixing a few kinks its fairly accurate and reliable. I welcome all feedback and input you may have!
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Looking forward to this, thanks!

Was experimenting as well earlier, seeing as the game reports I will have a delta of 1.1k damage switching from a +90int w/ +13% aspd glove to a +184int glove.
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You might want to check this one out :
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