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Getting the best performance in Diablo III


This is exactly what I see. Have tried a few of the non moving mpq fixes and nothing seems to work. Borrowing a usb 2.0 flash drive from a buddy today and going to try the linking folders fix.

I get bad screen tearing so I have to set vsync in game, and I sit at 59-60 fps at most times, until someone is about to talk or I cast a new spell / etc. I thought it was lag for the first week or so until I was in town running circles and noticed it happened eveyr exactly before companion/towns people spoke. If I run around in a certain area for long enough, the stutter does seem to lessen, until my companion speaks.

It really has to be something to do with the on demand asset loading. Nothing else makes sense honestly. I really don't think any amount of tweaking gpu settings is going to fix my issue, as I get the straight stutter, the 8-10 seconds between stutters performance is fine.

WTB button to turn on loading screens. I like the idea that getting into levels/dungeons etc is instant, but I would take a loading screen over the stutter any day.

Like others, I play plenty of modern games at mid-high settings, and have no serious issues. I get fps drops when things get crazy, but I don't expect perfect performance with my rig being a bit older.

Thanks for all your work on this guys, hopefully support is keeping quiet while working on a fix and just not being open about the issue. I love the game, so much fun, but the stutter takes me out of the game and back to reality.

Specs in case it matters:
win 7 64 bit
phenon ii x4 955 be
4gb ddr3 1600
10k raptor drive
gtx 260
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Thanks for the reply minuteZERO,

I did mount a ramdisk but since I have 6gig of ram about 98% of it gets used up so I wondered if that affected it. I'm literally desperate so I've sent the entire thing to the USB drive. It's counter-intuitive but I'm trying everything I can. The thing is; I have an SSD on my laptop in the first place and I'm almost 100% positive the low fps has nothing to do with any hardware on my end.

My nvidia is NVS 4200m with the most up-to-date drivers as detected by Nvidia auto-detect, and the settings were not exactly identical to what you used so I'm going to try that. It did take forever to copy the whole d3 to the USB so I fell asleep waiting, lol

My steps will be (not in order just a list of what I will do)

1) matching your vidcard settings
2) matching your in-game settings, maybe even lower (lowest gfx settings, low resolution though my laptop is a very nice native 1600x900)
3) Then systematically going in reverse; copy from USB back to SSD, then try RAMDISK again,

4) take out 9mm, open mouth.....

/e jk on #4 - I'm Canadian; we don't have guns here in Canada :P
I'm Canadian too! Don't do it man, you're too young.

If you're low on RAM, I would try doing 1-2 of the MPQ files only. Sorry I don't know which would benefit most, but I would guess Textures first, then Sound, then ClientData last.

Maybe do Textures to RAM only and set sound channels to LOW. See if that helps.
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Some people are having good results moving mpq files to a usb stick or memory card. If you don't have space for a ram disc worth a try.
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any updates?

Final settings to use in nvidia/in-game etc? Any success?


bump for sticky!

minuteZERO 4 prez!
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any updates?

Final settings to use in nvidia/in-game etc? Any success?


bump for sticky!

minuteZERO 4 prez!
Hey ZTH, I posted my *FINAL* settings at the beginning of this thread. I think I've hit my sweet spot at this point in time, but will re-evaluate once the official patch is released. Can't wait!
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Seems that they are tweaking the servers because today my stuttering was drastically reduced. Still is not perfect but the change is dramatically significant.
Have you noticed the same?
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I have pentium d 3ghz 4 gig ddr2 and a pny geforce gtx 550 ti i was having horrible stuttering and lag tried all the fixes and nothing worked , so i took the side panel off the case put a box fan infront of it now i run it perfectly at full specs no prob and my comp is dated to say the least lol
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05/21/2012 04:39 PMPosted by Floode
I'm not really upset or anything but I have taken note of the fact that Blizzard has done next to nothing in answering common questions from the community. For as much money as this company has made from gamers, you would think that they could afford some time to address the community instead of giving the silent treatment towards the issues.

i'm upset.

i'm pissed off.
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we shouldn't have to do this much stuff just to make a game to work properly. I pay for a product and a standardization that should be met
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had to instal dozens of optimization programs, such as radeonpro, msi afterburner, driversweeper to get this retarded game working properly. im playing wow with high settings without a problem, also playing bf3 without issues. how come a company like blizzard can not adress this issue before release. gonna read eula again n again to find ''we made a game which will not work on many systems due to crappy engineering we provide for 60 euros''.
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Zero, what default Hardware class is your rig set to in the D3prefs? Since we have relatively similar rigs, I was curious if you lowered yours to improve performance.

I was defaulted at 5, but had to lower it to 3 to get good performance if I wanted to get the performance I get on every other game in my library, past act 2.
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i don't know what all of you talking about, i have ATI HD6670 not the best card in the world bat nice, from day one that i have installed the game ihave nver found any strange thing in the graphic section.
my spec is
cpu: intel E5800 Dual Core 3.2 GHZ (slow and old)
ram: 4GB ddr3
hd: wd 500GB not ssd
gpu: ATI HD6670 1GB GDDR5
WINDOWS 7 32BIT SP1 (it's not even using all the 4GB RAM)
CCC 12.4 not beta and 12.6 beta cap 1
tested the last 12.6 beta driver and it's not so smooth.
most of the time the game runs on 60fps once in 10 min it's going down to 54-58 +/-
the game runs on 1920X1080 with vsync, all settings on high+AA
before 12.6 beta cap1 it was windowd full screen and after the cap the game runs on full screen mode withoat the 30fps cap that was before.
i have ESET SMART SECURITY 5 and everything is running all the time , i didnt stoped any service from windows or other program including java updates, flash updates, or any other auto update in th back.
i am playing with 5mb net speed and 95% of the time i have green mark in the game conection.
so what are you doing wrong?
installing all the "speed up your pc" prog's?
defrag all the time?
spywares? (use addblock and gohstry in chrome it will stop them)
playing with windows services?
playing all the time wih install and uninstall drivers for the gpu?
i don't know and i am not attaking no one for his computer managing bat there is still somthing wrong , the game is not perfect and the B.NET servers are not the best that's for sure and i know that.
the two things that will decide if the pc will work good or not in the every day tastks will be your registry and your hd status.
stop playing with all the cleaners and use windows disk cleaner it is o.k even if you have some leftovers on your hd it will not kill him.
if you donig defrag dont use 3rd party prog's they are not doing the best job even if it DISKEEPER or PERFEKTDISK or O&O they are messing your HD all the time in the back.
use superantyspyware to clean all the things that slowing your internet even if it only bad cockies.
belive me it is slowing you down!
and keep your pc clean from dust and in a space with air.
for the ones that open the case for better air flow, IT IS WRONG. the air from all the sides not coming to your pc .
better pc case with a good airflow inside will do a better job.
enjoy and try not destroy your PC :-)
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05/21/2012 02:12 PMPosted by minuteZERO
7) RAMDISK. This one takes some time but for me has made the biggest difference to help alleviate this bug. I doubled my RAM for under 50.00 and have the ENTIRE game loaded into RAM.

This one is a miracle maker! Honestly - it took my experience of Diablo 3 from barely playable to nice and smooth... And that on an Intel HD Graphics run laptop! Having managed to load all three files (I have 8gb ram in my laptop) I can confirm great improvements in stuttering and overall smoothness...

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Can this issue be addressed by an Admin please?

I should not be lagging with my computer specs. This has been going on since release day and I figured Blizzard would have this fixed by now...
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re: Defrag. Yes, this is necessary (unless you have DIII installed on an SSD); however, unless you want to spring for Diskkeeper pro (its a great program), I recommend MyDefrag.

First, it's free, so it doesn't cost anything to try and you don't get a gimped trial version. Most importantly, however, is that you can write your own defrag scripts for it, enabling you to place DIII files at the beginning of the drive.

Finally, its default scripts give the same performance gains as Diskkeeper and any other AAA defragmenter.

I seriously doubt Blizz will address this issue since it will likely require a significant engine change and, frankly, there's no profit in it for them; they've repeatedly demonstrated that profit margins trump quality. (I'm all for earning big fat profits--Warren Buffett FTW--but the difference is whether it's the primary thing or a result of the primary thing.) Besides, they can't even handle WASD, so this is likely out of the question.
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11) ATI
- Download and install Radeonpro
- Setup a profile for diablo 3
- Advanced > Flip Queue Size 0
- Force aggressive API detection 1
- Disable aero, Force Process High priority
- ingame enable vsync
- Ingame Uncheck max foreground and background fps

Doing this drastically increased performance and quality, but I'm experiencing weird problems now, some enemies are invisible or dissapear randomly and other graphical problems. Help!
http://i46.tinypic.com/jkiwk1.jpg (weird textures)
http://i45.tinypic.com/205fn6c.jpg (effects on vile lession are gone?)
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Rouna ,

Please start a new thread of your own. In it, describe the problem you're having and include your dxdiag info and D3Prefs.txt file.

You can find this information in the Direct X Diagnostic Tool:

Click on Start
Click on Run
Type in: dxdiag (In Vista, type dxdiag in the search field)
Hit Enter or OK

Click on the Save All Information button at the bottom, and create a dxdiag text file, and copy and paste it ALL here.

The D3Prefs.txt file is located in the My Documents\Diablo III folder.
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Hey guys,

I could need some help with my notebook. Iam playing on a MSI GT 640:

Geforce GTS 250M
4GB DDR3 Ram

My monitor got 27" so I would prefer playing with 1920x1080 resolution. Usually it is
working fine, but in some situations I get a one or two seconds freeze. Iam playing hardcore
only, so it is necessary to solve this problem.
I already tried to install the 301.24 driver mentioned in the first post, but unfortunatley it's
not working with my grapic cards.
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