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Getting the best performance in Diablo III

well diablo 3 just killed the graficscard on my gaming computer so while im waiting for a new one im stuck playing on my laptop and ive noticed that it runs extremely hot when playing diablo 3.

anyone experience anything similar?

specs are as follows
i5-2430m 2.4ghz (turboboost up to 3ghz, but i in all honesty dont know how that works)
geforce gt540m
6gb ram
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I can't locate where to tweak this line

-Force aggressive API detection 1

Can anyone help me please? Thanks!
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I finaly managed to fix all stutter , lag , preloading cache files lag (game asset loading) etc by just making a change to HDD. My pc Q6600@3.6 gigabyte 775 socket P35cDS3R mainboard, Nvidia 460gtx 1gb ,4gbx2 ddr3 1333 seagate 500gb hdd .

For HDD, i changed only 1 option, i checked "Turn off windows write-cache buffer flushing on the device" as you see in the image http://i.imgur.com/8Ft2rpb.png

I was also limiting fps to 60 at msi afterburner before , using d3doverrider but there were still lag/stutter/small freezes even if they both help alot.

And changing HDD option fixed everything for me %100 now, after 1 year! No more lag stutter freezes. I enter game , cast spells , kill mobs without stutter lag freezes now.

edit: Nvidia control panel settings (or nvidia inspector) > maximum pre-rendered frames 1 , power management mod - Prefer maximum performance , thats it . And msi afterburner fps limit 60 + D3Doverrider force triple buffering + Force Vsync , both active ON.
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Yea I'm just going to stop playing. I've tried everything on this list and cant get above 20 fps in game still. I usually run it with all the graphics settings on high and still get 80 fps normally. The game is just unplayable for me. Unfortunate too I really like playing.
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My specs are the following and I get slow downs

16 gigs of ram
1.5 tb hdd 7200 rpm
msi nvidia gtx 650 ti 1 gig ram oc version
100 mbps line

with all the settings on low at 1920x1080 I was getting 100 fps regularly with fps drops to 10 randomly. At 1280x720 I was getting 150+ fps and drops to 15 fps randomly.

I have since removed my graphics card and am currently using the integrated Intel HD 4000

1920 x 1080 same settings as before I regularly get 20 fps with no drops
1280x720 50 fps no drops.

Things don't add up as changing settings never influenced fps at all with the same video card. The only thing which influenced fps for me was changing the resolution.

This game has more fickle fps issues then games with more details / stuff going on like FPS games. Seems the engine isn't optimized much at all.
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05/21/2012 02:12 PMPosted by minuteZERO
many players who are having issues with stutters fps drops and lag in Diablo III

I just wanted to thank you guys so much! I was not able to play the game on my rig and now after applying all your recommendations I can finally enjoy D3 wo having to upgrade my system xD
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great, comprehensive post! well done. I tweeted @BlizzardCS.

I have an Intel i7 3770k, Asus GeForce GTX 680, 16GB RAM, 300GB Intel SSDs in RAID 0, 30down/5up uplink, and my FPS still sometimes goes down to 20 from 200. Ridiculous.
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Tremendous help :) thanks so much
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The fact is: you shouldn't need to install or do anything to play smoothly. Developers and testers have to release a patch. Fix it, thanks.
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I have a question. I notice that my fps is slightly better when im running on fullscreen compare to windowed (fullscreen). Is it only me, or others experienced this too?
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you shouldn't need to install or do anything to play smoothly. Developers and testers have to release a patch
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Having come from Path of Exile I have no idea what you mean by 'stutter', because the desync in that game is so utterly awful I notice nothing wrong with the latency on D.
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