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Need help with group build for hell!

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So far it's been either spec for damage and die super quick cause I get aggro right from the start or do crap damage with higher survivability that makes me constantly kite which cuts my already crappy damage to even crappier since I spend more time running than attacking.

If I get a group with a good monk that can keep mobs together I have no problems. But it's those games where there isn't a monk or barb or they die as quick as I do that's the problem.

For aoe and trash I'm using http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#UcXSOR!YXf!YYa.Y

And for bosses http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#UZXSOm!YXf!Yba.Yb

I'm level 54 with about 13k hp (low I know) and 5900 dps. My weapon is a 2h crossbow that's 297 dps with 190 int on it but I have a 1h with 248 dps and 107 int with an oh that has 38-90 damage 64 int, 113 vit but I can't use til level 55.

I've been leveling my artisan's until i found out its not worth it til later when you can afford it so I'm pretty broke and most armor on the ah that's better than mine costs 25k or more and I can't afford more than 2-3 pieces at that price.

If anyone has any advice feel free to let me know and comment on my builds and see if there is anything I can change that will help me live longer without sacrificing my damage too much. Thanks in advanced.
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I'm in the same boat as you. I use almost the exact same spells haha, bump I need to know too
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No one at all?
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i'm in act 3 hell, using this build at the moment:

i have 22k HP and 6k dps buffed, even in groups of 4 i find i have to be so mobile that i don't have to worry about ap unless we're just clearing trash, and if that's what we're doing it doesnt matter what build you have, it's all about how you deal with elites. I do swap my passives around a bit, sometimes taking astral prescence or blur if needed, especially when the mobs aren't hitting for 15% of my health but doing lots of small amounts of dmg, for single targets i'll swap out magic missile for electrocute, and on bosses i've taken force armour over magic wep for a bit more survivability, since dps is rarely the issue in those fights.

Been PUGing it, would probably take a different build if i was playing with friends and could rely on them to not be bad the whole time

EDIT: on the above note, i rarely die to the elite groups if there is a bit of space for me to move around, and i find myself being the sole one alive killing them more often than not when in groups of 3-4

EDIT 2: i'm also well aware that by the end of this act or at least act 4 i will have no choice but to take energy armour all the time, i'll probably swap out my primary for it when the time comes
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