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05/21/2012 08:27 PMPosted by GuiltyLight
When one of your astute coworkers can tell me the difference between a pnp and an npn common emitter and common base collector on a transistor then I will be inclined to listen.

... are you serious?

Not only does that have nothing to do with account security, few people care about transitor technology these days anyway. The only reason you'd learn +-+ or -+- is for legacy curiosity, theory, or educating yourself for maintenence or repair of basic electronics.

So you took a semester of Shop class. Congratulations.

What's next? You're going to demand your tech support personel explain Ohm's law before you listen to them?

Anyway. The blue post was still disappointing, mostly because it didn't at all address the actual cause of the alleged hacking spree. If reports are true it has NOTHING to do with account security whatsoever and everything to do with Diablo III's session ID system.

I think, what they're saying with this post is that those "reports" are not true.
this sticky is a lame joke... Still not willing to admit that it was your fault for what happened. very disappointed.
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Take responsibility for your personal information and protect at least by using what the company offers. In addition to this, use common sense, which I know is not common. Pretend the Blizzard account is your home, you wouldn't buy a house and leave your stuff inside without locking the door.
If there were very valuable items inside you would then buy a security system (free in this case) to add additional protection.
i call bs
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Not to rain on your parade but some of those people who have been hacked have been hacked with an authenticator attached to their account. Wouldn't that mean whoever is doing the hacking has to have some kind of connection to your authentication database?
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This is the exact reply I expected from Blizzard on the subject - which is to say... laughable. I got my rollback, and my authenticator. Now let's just sit back and watch it happen all over again and leave my account neutered.
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05/21/2012 08:29 PMPosted by Zephyr
Blizzard charges 15 dollars for a little piece of plastic with a number on it... what a perfect way to make a few million.

Actually it's $6.50--just enough to cover the shipping and handling. The phone app, however, is free.
05/21/2012 08:27 PMPosted by FatHuntresS
Blizzard was hacked Dashaan, stop posting if you've no clue.

Thank you very much for you informed information. I am taken aback of how wrong I was in this case. Your one line post has opened my eyes completely. I'll never doubt you again.
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05/21/2012 08:20 PMPosted by Cross
Why are passwords not case sensitive?

Because this does nothing for password security. It might slow down a brute force attack, but will do nothing against a keylogger.
Meh. I have my refund.

Ive run every scan known to man on my machine. No key logger. Never been phished, as the only place ive put my account information in was battle.net.

Nail in the coffin right here. Blizzard will flat out lie to their customers.

They have been compromised. Good luck with it, Ill spend my money elsewhere.

Exactly, i have been in the field of computer Sci/Tech for the last few years and know allot of people involved in the security industry including myself. I have done every possible thing to make sure anything that happened was not on my end. I was not phished by anyone, i was not keylogged or ratted. Bruteforcing my password with 1 machine can take up to 3 years(only had game 2 days) Blizzard Just admit it. Not only what i have just stated but account with authenticators have been getting broken into as-well and ONTOP of that i just found out that the login passwords are no longer case-sensitive
I've been waiting over 32 hrs for blizzard to perform a limited restoration to my account and they have yet to do so. I was either "hacked" or the game bugged up between 5:15 am EST - 4:40 PM EST on May 20th, 2012. I've already sent in a ticket yesterday and have been patiently waiting. Anyone else in the same boat as me?
05/21/2012 08:15 PMPosted by Lylirra
we're dedicated to doing everything we can to help our players keep their Battle.net accounts safe

Starting with b-net passwords not being case sensitive? Well you did an awesome job there Blizzard!
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Just reading this blue post gets me a little frustrated. No mention that they are doing anything new to stop the account hacks, just the fact that there are authenticators that you can attach to your account that will provide an extra layer of security. People with authenticators are being hacked as well, so although this may slow down your account being hacked, it won't stop it. The only thing we can do now is wait for a more permanent patch to cover this security hole.

Just a thought as well:
Those bots in general chat = advertising
advertising = increased gold demand
increased gold demand = gold sellers need more gold to sell
gold seller's need for more gold to sell = more accounts being hacked into and their gold/items stolen
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great so our accounts are safe but due to this 3006 error we can't use them.

Lol, an attempt to sound smart went horribly wrong :P

Awww how cute. Let me guess you tried and googled the information and didn't have a clue.

Probably because that information was around before the internet and only available to people that had to study ridiculous amounts of math so your runny nose wiped on sleeve generation could play Donkey Kong.

Lol, as an electrical engineer I got a good laugh out of an attempt to use terminology like it is understood when in reality there are just buzz words thrown around. Seriously, what is a 'common base collector' lol! That isn't even a thing. Maybe a common base amplifier or a common collector amplifier; but no, common base collector is just funny. Really, your ignorance is showing having to resort to ad hominem.
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finally, someone killed the hacker rumor.

It was just people who got hit by a trojan keyloggers, nothing more
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05/21/2012 08:32 PMPosted by Ganelon
Look another kid. Let me know when you can step up to the plate and actually have a coherent conversation about things that go into a computer

Except... this isn't a hardware issue.

You might as well ask for an explanation of how to make a basketball by NBA standards.

before you step foot on my territory.

"Your territory" involves demanding answers taught to everyone who took Shop in high school, who had a year of almost any trade school, or who bothered to learn even the most rudimentary elements of basic electronics?

None of which have anything to do with software?

That information is over 40 years old meaning I want someone that is capable of talking about the issue

... that makes no logical sense whatsoever.

You sound like someone who just took your first electronics course and want to sound smart on the internet. But to anyone who's actually in a relevant profession, it sounds really... silly.
finally, someone killed the hacker rumor.

It was just people who got hit by a trojan keyloggers, nothing more

A keylogger that not a single AV software detected? Impressive and I doubt it would be used to steal just Blizzard passwords... oh and what about the people with authenticators?
This doesnt make me feel any better about using RMAH in the future.
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