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Auction Time Out Error / Gold Taken

Update: It resolved. It took a few hours though. It's quite an inconvenience to have to be weary about whether you'll be temporarily without large sums of gold if the system times out. It just happened to me AGAIN just now.
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This feels similar to my current problem and I don't know where to do for assistance. I had the highest bid on a item in the AH. I watch the last 20 min in case someone wanted to bid passed me in the end. The time ran out. The item says I have the winning bid and the time says expired. I can't receive the item and I'm lost about 35k (not a lot but whatever). I backed out and did everything I can think and tried lost through tech support. aside from getting the aid of a guy though email anyone have any ideas what I can do?
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Yes, I received my item after about 2 hrs.
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This happened to me with a 6 mil gold bow =(
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This also happened to me on a couple gems some shoes and an off-hand.
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I just bought a chest piece for 65k gold and not only did I get charged twice for it but I also do not have the chest piece. I had 217k-ish gold, dropped down to 155k-ish gold and then at the top where it shows the balance I got a "Retrieving balance... message" and it dropped down to 90k-ish gold. About 2 minutes later I had 65k refunded to me in my Completed tab but I'm still sitting here out 65k and no chest piece. Any way to resolve this? If it helps at all, the stats on the chest were Dexterity / Vitality / Fire Resistance. Thanks.
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Same thing happened to me, lost 20k on a piece of chest armor
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Closing in on 6 hours for me. Bid 55k on an ammy, didn't get it or the money. Doesn't show in my completed list or anything. Had other AH bugs too, there's definitely some AH lag going on that causes issues.
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52616309. 250k gold MIA.
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41k gone , tried buying a ring, timed out then showed it was sold and when i tried transfering my gold back to my stash it timed out and never came back. now its gone completely from my completed list and showing nothing for a refund
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Now the item doesn't even appear and i till don't have it or the gold .
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Lost 150k yesterday, decided today might be safe and nope, lost 340k.

Friend has lost about 500k, another about 200k.

Some people have lost millions. This is absolutely ridiculous. Words just cant quite describe how huge this bug is.

To those of you that received the money back, good stuff. I haven't. My 150k from yesterday is still floating in the server abyss somewhere, and the 340k I was gypped today is gone as well. \

They really need to just take the game down for awhile. There's just far too many gamebreaking bugs right now. this launch has been a disaster. I also still get removed from games in about 7 minutes unless I join general chat.
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I also experienced this. Lost 3 million. Clicked buyout, after a little while it said "timed out," but my gold was gone.

If it matters:

Order Number: 57601294

If I get either the item eventually, or my money refunded, I'll try to remember to post here again to add confirmation to whether or not you get refunded from a purchase time out.

EDIT/Follow-up: As my post below states, I did get my item after 2 hours.
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Lost about 120k here, gold back would be nice. Rather have that damn sword I was after though. Was SO damn cheap for what it was
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Same thing happened to me timeout error, said I had purchased item and took my money (700,000) ! But no item ever came!! Fix this please.
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The AH is lagging. Just as the OP stated in his update.

Give it time.
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bought a shield initially for 32999 and thought theres a timeout error din noe it minus my gold..
then another shield again for 350000 another timeout error with my gold minus.

I see my auction log and both of items are buyout by me. (even though i saw 2 timeout errors).
Could Blizzard check it out for me or refund at least one shield money and the item.

Order ID:
57991862 - Tower Reward

58035308 - Partisan Fang
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I tried to buy radiant square amethyst for 70k, and I also had one for sale at 250k, and after i tried to purchase it, and after that in my completed items list was 212k gold and one amethyst so i bought my own amethyst LOL

orders id:
35365671 (sold amethyst with 212491 )
35457309 (bought amethyst with 249989)

And the math 249989*85/100=212491 so I lost like 38k.
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I did get my item. It took nearly 2 hours.
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Use the auction house with caution and I would avoid using the real money auction house entirely when it opens. After much correspondece with Blizzard support I finally got what I was looking for, this is from their terms of use section 15 #ii "BLIZZARD EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMS ANY WARRANTY (Under ii: (ii) THAT ANY AUCTION HOUSE WILL BE UNINTERRUPTED OR ERROR-FREE;)" Basically if the auction house errors out, times out, or has a bug/glitch, blizzard will not be held responsible for ANY re-imbursements. Saying that about gold or items in a game is one thing, but saying that about real money transactions is something entirely different. Just imagine if Paypal had such a disclaimer, they would loose all their customers overnight.For more information about this see my bug report post at http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5271781623
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