Diablo® III

What am I doing wrong ?

So for pretty much all of Nightmare I was using this build:


I needed an upgrade to armor/weps about the time I hit Act3 and then just blazed through NM with no problems on huge packs of mobs and 'tank&spank' with the mobs.

I am now in Hell with the following stats:

3000 dps
18000 hp
46% dodge
52% damage reduction
Most resists at +15% reduction , a couple at +20%

I've also changed my skills to the following:


I need to turn on elective to give myself the heal as well but I'm so confortable with this build..... (Except against elite packs that link together)
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I would pick up Mantra of Healing with Boon of Protection. The downside with that though is you'll constantly be spamming it for the 3 second buff and you'll rarely be attacking so you might have to group up to accomplish anything.

I've not played my monk solo yet. I'm afraid to.

Edit: This is what I've read from people in Inferno, btw. Not my personal experience. Seems like that skill and rune are a necessity to even attempt to survive Inferno Act 2+.
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Thanks for that . I'll check into that one. Looks pretty good actually. Is this good even without running the breath of life ?
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this is mine, works perfectly in nightmare so far
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Is that stackable AFTER or before the "Sieze the initiative" passive ?

If after , then that's great, if before then not so great. My 52% reduction is thanks to having 800+ Dexterity (although i think it's higher I can't log in to check)
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