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This is the build I'm currently working on and I was curious what other people thought.

My goal in this build is lots of healing, with good spirit regen, and a higher chance to dodge.
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60 Tauren Death Knight
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I'm just inquiring what people think, I don't see whats wrong with that personally.
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Knowing what stage of the game you are in helps people give you better information. The build for inferno is going to be much different than one for normal diff.
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60 Tauren Death Knight
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I'm currently farming gear out of hell before I step into inferno and theory crafting on what build might hold up in inferno.
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My build has worked quite well, starting hell now. Lvl 52, did just fine with below average gear in A4 nm.

Deadly Reach - Scattered Blows
Wave of Light - Empowered Wave
Dashing Strike - Soaring Skull
Serenity - Peaceful Repose
Seven Sided Strike - Several Sided Strike
Mantra of Evasion - Perseverance (Plan on Backlash at 58)

Sieze the Initiative

Whenever I am low on health I cast Wave of Light, with transcendance this heals me some and knocks enemies back as well as decent damage. When my health gets lower and I needed to regen more spirit, I will use serenity and when my 3 seconds runs out, a SSS. From there I will stutter step with my deadly reach or dashing strike out of the mob or toward the casters. Repeat.

I like the dashing strike to root treasure goblins and quickly get me to high dps casters or ranged chars at the back. Wave of Light seems to have the best knockback/damage from my experience and is cheap with the Empowered Wave Rune. Transcendance is great cause I can heal myself with waves of light or SSS, both of these skills also coincadentally buy me more time to have serenity activate again. I use mantra of evasion because I believe I heal enough between transcendance and serenity, and this mantra means less healing is needed. I use a shield on my build as well.

Edit: It may be worth me checking out switching to the fist of lightning generator before bosses, but the need hasn't arisen yet.
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