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Anyone try ray of frost for primary?

It's pretty solid with the reduce ap use rune. I have about 140 AP and it barely uses any.. I can probably use ray of frost for around 47 straight seconds. Or is a primary skill better?
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I use it that way, in act2 inferno
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It may work in the earlier difficulties, but Hell and Inferno basically require you to move all the time, so channeling something like this won't work, sorry to say it >.<
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It may work in the earlier difficulties, but Hell and Inferno basically require you to move all the time, so channeling something like this won't work, sorry to say it >.<

not true, Ray of Frost is still a great ability to use. I'm in Inferno Act II and it's still on my bars.
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I'm on hell mode.. and I still use it..
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I'm in inferno and do not and will not use it. Channel abilities ftl.
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RoF is a boss/elite killing spell only >=] !!
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I don't use it throughout the maps, but works well on bosses where you can plant. Tough to plant in hell or inferno, especially if you don't have the best of gear.
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I use ray of frost as primary and im in act 2 inferno so far. Bascially if you use the the reduce AP glyph on ray of frost and then when you use diamond skin with prism you gain mana. I also use either power hungry or astal presence to help power regen. Cold blooded adds 20%, glass cannon adds 15%, fire familar 12% and magic weapon adds 15%.

The problem is that you need other players to tank but the damage output is very good and quite sustainable. I use arcane orb with the power reducing glyph so i can use diamond skin to reduce the power cost , cast 8 or 9 arcane orbs and then use ray of frost to clean up.

It is defiantly workable in a group that has some meelers up to ACT 1 inferno. Don't know if i will have to change it when i get to later acts. It is a build that is very much a glass cannon.
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I haven't used it in solo play since I got Arcane Orbs - Obliterate. With the need to keep moving all the time, Arcane Orbs is actually much more useful as it means I can avoid attack speed gear and focus on making my orbs hit harder. When you run into things like Jailer Frozen Electrified etc, you cannot stand still.

For group play it's great.
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Hmm I know alot of peoples arguments. I have just cleared up to belial act 2 both solo and with a WD using RoF.


The key is that you have to keep hydras and blizzard up and then just kill stuff with RoF. It's way more sustatinable damage single target that lets say arcane orb.

I found out that alot of the time arcane orbs aoe damage doesn't hit anyway because the mobs move away from each other + alot of your arcane orbs might not even hit the target because the move slow.

With 25k damage my RoF usually ticks for like 40-60k + venom ticks + blizzard ticks.

So, it might be channeled, but if you cant get it to work you might just have to improve your play ;)

(sorry for bad english, but w/e)
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It's my right click in NM so far. I faceroll mobs and bosses alike with it.

My NM build: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#WZYXfm!aYW!bYZaZa
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