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Black Screen (Driver Crash) discussion cont.

bump, seems to be happening to AMD Radeon's too. i have a AMD Radeon HD 6570
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Windows 7 64bit
i5 3570k (Ivy bridge)
Radeon 7570 (12.4 driver)

Mine is completely random. Sometimes I can play for 5-6 hours before the crash, sometimes not even 5 minutes. PC crashes to black screen, no errors, no logs in event viewer. I can reset the PC fine, but otherwise nothing will happen with keyboard presses, mouse clicks, alt tabs.

Tried lowering FPS, disabling the internal Radeon 4xxx from Ivy Bridge. Nothing seems to stop it.
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I have both the black screen (Driver crashes) and the issue of Fps that goes at about 10 fps when my pc is being good. (D3 is still the best Powerpoint slideshow I've ever played in a while) My max fps is set to 20 and I still have both the slowdown and the driver crashes.

My System:
Graphics Card: nVidia 9800 Gtx+
Processor: 2.81 GHtz AMD Anthlon II X2 240
Card's Nominal temperature: 59
Playing D3: 65

I was happy when my parents sent me D3 for my birthday. :/ Hoping for a word from Blizz on this, or a fix
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I am also experiencing this issue. I have run a cpu stress test and gpu stress test with no problems and GPU temps around 80C. I have tried the suggestions with vsync and that lowers my gpu temp by about 10C, but the issue still occurs.

I have had the issue happen at the login screen and the auction house too.

My sound goes crazy when it happens, maybe its not graphics related at all.

16GB ram
Evga GTX 285
Creative Sound Blaster X-fi
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im on my second day of diablo and now im getting windows blue error screens also (along the driver crashes)....

i would like to hear from some1 from blizzard if there working on it or not
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Posts: 17
Wins 7, i5-760, GTX460

FPS drops, game then freezes and gives me a black screen. After that, my computer restarts itself with a nice blue screen.

This only started happening for me on Wednesday when blizzard rolled out some sort of update.

Heat isn't an issue. My cores never go higher than 58 degrees while playing D3. My GPU hasn't gone over 55 degrees either before the entire game just crashes. I've also ran some stress tests to make sure it isn't my PSU and everything came back fine. I can play SC2 on Extreme graphics just fine as well.
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90 Draenei Shaman
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I have the screen going black issue as well as the game crash bug that appeared from the hotfix a few days ago. I did not have these problems when playing the beta.

Windows 7 64 bit I7-920 GTX 9800+ 3 way sli

I tried running the game on each individual card for testing as well as three way none helped.
Temp 64 degrees with 30% GPU usage my cards are hardly being used.
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Are you guys looking for support through tickets or anything like that? I just did it.
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I have a GTX 560 Ti. I also get the black screen. Once it happens I can't do anything besides reset my computer. Can't even get back to the desktop. I can hear the music sometimes otherwise it sounds like a robot is taking a shat. Longest I've gotten to play is five minutes, since it started happening. I played for the first couple days just fine. Got my barb to Hell and witchy to nightmare. Max settings, and everything worked perfectly. I don't know what happened. Hoping it's all on blizzards or nvidias side. This is a pretty new card... other games work just fine.
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Windows 7 64bit
Nvidia 9600M GT

NOT heat related. It can happen after a fully cold boot.

It appears to happen at certain points in the game, if lucky I can get through it after about 10 black screens with the need to reboot as result. It can happen after 10 hours playing, but also after 10 seconds playing. It all depends on the location from what I noticed.

Blizzard fix: This is completely bullox, full screen or not, vsync or not, foreground fps cap or not, disable desktop composition or not. NOTHING changes. Probably just to keep us busy ;>

The weird thing: This did NOT happen the first 2 days, after that it started coming up. And the more time passes by, the worse it gets. Maybe this is because of higher difficulties ? IDK tbh, just saying.

Hope this is useful and people can see a similar situation so they don't have to panic. You're computer is NOT broken ! Do NOT format your system or spend hours of time trying to "fix" it. Write an angry letter & pray. It's what I'm doing.

Edit: Drivers are fully up to date, in case u wonder.
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Since launch day, still having this problem and no solution
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I have a EVGA GTX 280 and was getting the black screen with the music still playing until 5 to 20 seconds later my screen would come back so I could see myself dead or getting the cr@} beaten out of me. I noticed when I left the game that I had many alerts that a graphics kernel stopped and was restarted. I made sure my drivers were current and even downgraded once to no avail.

Noticed a lot of people fixed the issue with increasing fan speed and sometimes underclocking. I didn't think my card was overheating but after loading EVGA precision I saw my card shooting up to 80c and as soon as I hit 80 I got the kernel error and the musical black screen.

I pushed my fan to 100 percent and played a mega 10 hour session without a single black screen.

This is not a fix though and we need a lasting solution.

Additional info i7 920 in a EVGA X58 MB all running stock settings. I am running the game full screen 1920 x 1080 at the settings chosen by the game and have v sync on. Video card has always been stock speed with the only change being my setting the fan to 100 percent when playing the game.
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We were asked to post our results in the stickied thread so they can be looked at and now we are blocked from posting in it. Why was the thread being blocked at 26 pages while others have gone for longer?

BTW is there any news regarding this issue? Using the latest Geforce driver 301.42 and still have the same problem. It is so frustrating having the computer keeps hanging/restarting. Blizzard, please fix your game.
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mine is fixed gforce 9500gt

download Rivatuner and lower the clockspeed of the card
changed mine from 700 to 600 and now i can run without a max fps and b4 i had constant driver crashes

found a topic on this forum but i cant find it back :/

hope tis helps u out
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I'm going to try downclocking the GPU as well, but that doesn't seem like an acceptable solution. The game should not stress the GPU any more than an actual program designed to stress the GPU, and I dont have any problems with that.
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Any fix to this issue yet? I haven't played the game cause its just not enjoyable and makes it near impossible in hell or inferno.
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Zotac 8800 GT here, experiencing the same thing.

Reducing all GPU performance by about 10% and lowering max FPS to 45 has made it occur much less frequently. It's a garbage solution.

At a bare minimum I would like someone from Blizzard to acknowledge the problem.

Tehgnome, why isn't this on the Bug Report forum?
Diablo III > Forums > Support > Bug Report
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I also am experiencing this as well... a black screen roughly every 5min and nvidia saying my driver kernel stopped and recovered, followed by diablo 3 recovering.

I have tried windowed mode and for about 30min now, I have yet to experience the black screen again.

Please confirm.
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