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Larger Font size in Diablo 3

i would like to suggest Blizzard to make an adjustment in the font size in Diablo 3.
it's kinda too small even though the setting has been set to the largest font size.
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91 Night Elf Warrior
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It confuses me why its not adjustable in the first place, not that its a major concern. Just seems wierd thats all font size being so small by defualt and not having a way to change it.
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yeah dude cmon blizzard i cant !@#$ing read this %^-* HOOK IT UP WITH BIGGER FONTS YO!!!
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for me it is only readable on 1920x1080 res, but still small.

+1 for biger fonts, however frame rate drops have higher priority than this one. I can play without reading, but frame rate drops are a matter of life and death :D
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I agree, it's too small, i can't read. I have a 13 inch display (laptop) and it kills my eyes and my back trying to read so small fonts.... please at least add an option to adjust that! Thanks!
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+1 for sure, I don't like having to wear my glasses ALL the time XD
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I can only read it when i turn my resolution up. However, when I turn my resolution up I cant even play the game because it lags so bad. Larger font sizes are needed, quickly!
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Yea I agree, it's a royal PAIN in the !@# to attempt to read the chat, I don't understand how they went from Alpha, Than Closed beta, and didn't fix it?
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85 Blood Elf Hunter
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Something small, like the small font, can make a game totally unfun to play. Bleh... I have no interest in playing a game that I have to squint to see.
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70 Orc Warlock
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I said this to them in Beta, too. They need to have Accessibility options.
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85 Worgen Rogue
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gives me headaches. have to legit put my face up to the monitor to read.
I am forced to play on a crappy quality resolution



/signed <3
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I am so annoyed with this, can't play on the TV as I had planned...Blizzard needs to fix this ASAP!!
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I agree. It sucks!
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This might be in the wrong forum.
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Disagree. WTF is wrong with people and resolution/font sizes? Don't you want to be able to see more content in a smaller area? Do you enjoy scrolling? What's the deal? Are you really that blind?
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Font size is an issue for me only because I am using a 42 inch plasma t.v. as my monitor. It's brutal to read! The ability to adjust fonts is, IMO, a must. Not everyone uses a monitor to play. I also play on a 62 inch LCD, which is admittedly better but still difficult to read. The font is far too small. Asbolutely takes away from the gaming experience because I simply can't read the text on items...at times I just get frustrated and give up playing.
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