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Achievement Guide - A Rare Phenomenon


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I got Skull Sword in Act 3, Battlefield Stores and it checked-off in the the "Rare Phenomenon"

Achievements, however today it showed unchecked. I know for a fact that I got it yesterday because i checked to see if it recorded it and it did. But it took it away today.

I don't know what is going on. I don't understand Blizzard's programming glitches!!!!!
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Before they send their patches out they should ensure that it does not effect the Achievements. Players spend a lot of time working on these achievements, just to find that they are bugged. I have been working on trying to find "Bahiok" in the Dalgur Oasis forever and still, doesn't show.

Please fix, Its been long overdue.

Bilzzard should check to make all the achievements attainable!
very nice list i love achievmenst so this is fun one and sounds like something i need to complete myself.

great guide
Just killed a RARE skull cleaver pack in keep 2 if I remember correctly or keep 1. I am 100% sure it was RARE skull cleaver. Yet even after patch 1.0.7 achievement is still not there. Killed them but no achievement confirmation. Can Blizz finally fix this crap ?
NvM it works but I followed your post OP and u said they spawn in keep 1 and 2. Actually those are SWIFT skull cleavers and don't count. If u want fast rare and champ skull cleaver packs for achievements look for battlefield stores in battlefields area.
I just killed a rare sand dweller in the Desolate Sands and didn't get credit for it, so this achievement is still bugged after patch 1.0.7. Please fix!
Killed Rare Sand Dweller in forgotten Ruins per patch notes for 1.07 and got achievement now for champions and uniques thanks for list!!
I also just killed a rare sand dweller pack in the forgotten ruins and got credit for the kill, so I can confirm landofdoom's kill and since this was the last rare pack that I was missing I also finally got the achievement (Yay). I think the beginning of this thread needs to be updated to include the forgotten ruins as a location for the sand dwellers. Now for the champion achievement I only have the plague swarms left to get. Does anybody know whether or not the champion plague swarm is still bugged after 1.07 came out? hza said that in the ptr the plague swarm was working but I was wondering if anybody can confirm this after the official version was released? Also the Maniacal Golgor has been added to the A Rare Phenomenon achievement I think this was just added in the 1.07 update so it should be added to the beginning of this post as well. I killed a rare Maniacal Golgor pack in the core of arreat when I got this achievement

Update: I got the Champion Collection achievement by killing a plague swarm champion pack in cryder's outpost so I can confirm that the plague swarms aren't bugged anymore either.
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could the OP update the list with the information from all the posters? i want to print it off and use it.
I got my rare Skull Sword in the Battlefield Stores (while looking for champion Skull Cleavers there). :D

Thanks for your really comprehensive guide!! :D
what difficulty did you use and what mp?
Cave wing can be found in scirocco caverns lvl 2 as well. Killed my rare down there.
This is a very missleading guide, clearly, you havent done the achievement at least not with this info.. I have followed your guide for 3 days and still didnt complete the achiev. Then I started searching on DiabloDatabase and was done in next 2 hours.
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