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Auction house bug

I sold my items today.... I was able to send my money to my stash last night but tonight I clicked send to my stash.... It wasn't work it stuck there, but i able to send my items which did not sold to my stash.... can you fix this??
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addition.... I lost 127,500 gold after i relog-in.... i just lost and did not get anything....
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ive just purchased 3 different items and it comes up in completed as purchased, however i cant send it to my stash and my gold is gone
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I have the same problem, its been over an hour since i bought the item now.

Item ID#: 95552794
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I got bug too, please help me
and other items in "complete" gone
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I purchased a few things too, but they aren't even showing up on my log. Just missing the gold....
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today i bought 2 item but it's not send to my completed item. i lost my gold 130,000 PLz help
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hopefully just lag.. order id#96268057 please fix if possible thanks
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I've sold 5 items and have not received gold for any of them...
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Use the auction house with caution and I would avoid using the real money auction house entirely when it opens. After much correspondece with Blizzard support I finally got what I was looking for, this is from their terms of use section 15 #ii "BLIZZARD EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMS ANY WARRANTY (Under ii: (ii) THAT ANY AUCTION HOUSE WILL BE UNINTERRUPTED OR ERROR-FREE;)" Basically if the auction house errors out, times out, or has a bug/glitch, blizzard will not be held responsible for ANY re-imbursements. Saying that about gold or items in a game is one thing, but saying that about real money transactions is something entirely different. Just imagine if Paypal had such a disclaimer, they would loose all their customers overnight.For more information about this see my bug report post at http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5271781623
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