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Cannot beat Inferno Belial, please help

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After endless farming and theorycrafting, I am no closer to beating Inferno Belial. (The last form - the first forms are easy) I've got him to like 60% but eventually I just can't hold out.

Skills: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/barbarian#WVYRSk!bVe!acZZcc


HP: 45k
All Res: 800-900 (with war cry)
Armor: 8800 (with war cry)
DPS: 11k
Going with: 1h weapon + shield with 19% block

Getting to the last form of Belial is easy peasy. But the last form's attacks are so fast, that no matter how evasive I am, I will always be hit by those poison attacks, which do about 50% of my health. I'm looking for a bit of help, possibly a different build, different tactics, from Barbs who've been able to solo Inferno Belial. Thanks!
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other guy was at 40% block, less hp
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Go super defensive and destroy phase 1 and 2 with a demon hunter. The demon hunters have problems with phase 1 and 2. Then in part 3, your duty is rez the demon hunter when he dies and let him do DPS.
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i would swap out ground stomp for battle shout. thats what i did to get my kill last night, the extra damage made it so much easier
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or leap instead of ground stomp. the extra armour on iron impact helps u absorb the melee hits and avoid aoe phase if you get stuck. stay to the far right side as much as possible as you only take his left hand and double handed attacks instead of all three, at least in my experience. also sometimes you just cannot avoid some hits, the hit boxes are bugged.
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Your stats are easily good enough to do it, i used more dps gear and had less hp than you did and did it easily a few days ago.

Superstition is garbage, get anything besides that for him.

Get rid of ground stomp for wrath of the berserker, destroy the last set of adds with it and then it will come up again just near the end of the last phase. Between charge and revenge, you should easily have enough heals coming in to not have to use ground stomp.

I used leap instead of ignore pain, didn't see any need to get it but you can have it for safety i guess if you don't trust yourself in the last phase.

If you do enough damage to him, he drops health globes. Use charge on him if you are dipping a touch low to keep you up until the next health globe drops. Didn't need a single pot to do it. Good luck with it.
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They really aren't impossible to dodge, belial's attacks are in a pattern (3hit/drill -> drill/3hit -> 3hit/drill -> breath -> 3hit/drill/earthquakes -> earthquakes)

EVERY attack is easily telegraphable and can be dodged fairly easy, the right end of the platform (while still being in melee range) is the spot in which i always try to position myself from here when he does the triple attack you can just move 4-5 steps to the left before every hit and dodge them all, the drill is pretty fast but it only hits in the circle on the ground, the breath will NEVER hit you if you stand on the far right but still in melee range, and finally the earthquakes can be tough to dodge but if you are not standing in a circle DONT MOVE until one shows up below you, an easy way to deal with this phase is run with ignore pain and always save ignore pain for this phase
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Thanks for the suggestions. Changed some things around...

I got him to 20% and just fell apart. I couldn't avoid the single target attacks in time. I don't know how many times I can try this before losing my mind.
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Maybe try this build?


You may just need to get a little more dps in at the end so you have less attacks to avoid.
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