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Farming gold items

05/15/2012 08:42 PMPosted by Kythyr
Does boosting MF increase chances of finding yellows as well?

Again.. WoW kids go read the damn game guide, you obviously don't know anything about Diablo past games. YES it does, its boosts chance for blue (magic), yellow (rare), gold (legendary) items to drop.
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got a kick as rare ring from a barrel once from beta.

Since then I never leave single a barrel behind.

Destroy em all!!!
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Good old Mephisto runs and mule characters! But now we have better days ahead of us boys! To randomness!
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Magefist dropped for us
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In Act 1 alone I got roughly 10 yellows with +50% MF. I just started Act 2 so hopefully I get even more.
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I have 45% mf and I find a rare item roughly every 2 minutes. Get your mf up and you might get some good probabilities
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The loot generators haves a % chance to drop magical effects. Its not always going to be the same drops.

The higher the magical effect, the rarer the item. This applies to common items. Magical effects can be stacked. Any mob or destructible can drop them, but stronger or rarer mobs have a greater chance of dropping them (IE Bosses), also your items that give a % chance to find magical items also manipulates it.

There is also a % of dropping a unique-rare item, and set items. These also have a generator to determine their highs and lows of magical effects. These rares are of greater chance to drop than the common-rares.
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Legendaries ( Uniques) aren't even gold anymore, they're closer to orange, quit griping about semantics.

Also I don't know if it was because of the event only, but after helping the miner merchant in the lost mine he had a rare, so be sure to check the vendors as well.
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05/15/2012 07:55 PMPosted by Chito
Bosses always drop rares the first time you beat 'em. Less of a chance after that.

Skelly king didnt drop any yellows on my kill. Spider lady dropped two though.
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So your saying I won't be doing endless Mephisto runs in this game. I do not like this.
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My prize from Act 2 first boss in hardcore:

Legendary chest piece: Aquila Cuirass =)


We always get 1-2 yellows and then when I got the legendary we all got 2 yellows and I got a legendary ontop of the 2 yellows I got.
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05/15/2012 08:26 PMPosted by Flute
Mephisto and Pindleskin would like to have a word with you.

I think he means D3. In d2 it was strictly running the same bosses over again (even though I got a tals armor off a carver in a1 hell)...Diablo 3 is suposed to be more natural and not rigid, where you have to grind the same bosses.
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i got a yellow fist thing for monk by smashing a barrel, saveing it for when RMAH goes live
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I finished A I 30 mins before the shut down, not a single "Gold Item" I assume you mean Legendary.

Ill re run A I final boss and see whats up. you wearing MF?
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SO far - Have done normal SK on Barbarian (no rares), Wizard (1 DH rare)
and the Spider Queen on Barb - 1 rare (ring)

I was under the belief that the initial kill of any boss by any class would reward at least 1 rare pertaning to that classes stats? (and possibility of another random rare or blues)

If that's the case, where is the Rare my Barbie should have gotten from SK kill?

I've not found any other rares on any other character yet (have a witch doctor halfway to SK).

Is it supposed to be at least 1 rare / boss guarantee? or just a high chance (but no guarantee)

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I dunno, I've been getting 1-3 gold items per boss fight plus several random ones alone the way. :/
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I'm close to the end of act 2 and I've found about 15 rares so far, without deliberately stacking MF. They don't seem to vendor for any more than normal magic items so I just salvage them if I can't use them or give them to friends
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Had a monk in my group that hit a barrel and a nagelring dropped for him.
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