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Ping is perfect stop complaining

Its not the people with 200-300 complaining, its the ones with 350+++
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I believe the reason you aren't complaining is because you don't have a problem.

Others do - so they are complaining. Complaining because having lag for a primarily single player game is unheard of and unessential.

I can get 180ping from NZ on WoW and D3 - but at times it's unstable, ranging from 400-800 with regular lag spikes. That's worth complaining about, because its game breaking. Also because its not at my end, I have checked.

I think your point was that our ping was perfect (0ms?) and we shouldn't complain - It may be OK for you right now, but its not for others.

tldr; don't be an idiot.

However, I'm sure its just a launch issue and should level out.

It may seem obvious but this guy has it just because you and your legion of friends imaginary or otherwise have no problems doesn't mean everyone is fine.
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We pay for a game that is a single player game, and expect no issues. If you bought a frickin car and it wasn't working correctly.. would you go back and complain or just hope it fixes itself?
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Let me put it this way. We went into a bike shop wanting to buy a bicycle....... the shop owner told us bicycle is s**t, everyone should be buying a motor bike..... it is how you should enjoy 2 wheels...... and refuse to sell anymore bicycles.

When we all get our motorbike, we found out the engines are not working, and we need to push it around to get to work.
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Guys the ping for normal users is fine. Other people such as myself have a ping of 250ms yet a 5sec delay before an attack is performed.

There is some bug going on....
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I keep getting disconnected on the Americas servers and can't even connect to the Asia server. Ping to Americas was running around 1200-1700.
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Game was playable with about 200-250 earlier today at about 6pm, got about 1 hour of playing and it was great. Had a break for dinner, came back and I was disconnected. Reconnected and it was and is now still unplayable once more at about 1200-1800.
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I want to know why its fine for some and not for others. And why its fine one hour and then completely unplayable the next.

At the moment though the product basically doesnt work. I've paid but cannot use it and can't even open a ticket for it.
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Servers going down is annoying but when doesn't that happen?
People are complaining over the smallest things and don't remember this happened with WOW?
This game is great

Wow is an MMO, online mode is intrinsic to the entire premise. Diablo is single player.

You're casual endorsement of Blizzard's behaviour is condemning us all to a future of always on DRM .

Good job.
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05/16/2012 02:36 AMPosted by Rambo
We pay for a game that is a single player game, and expect no issues. If you bought a frickin car and it wasn't working correctly.. would you go back and complain or just hope it fixes itself?

This was quite clearly an online-only game. I dislike the trend, but I have to disagree that you "paid for singleplayer". There ought to be some level of "caveat emptor" taken into account, regardless of your opinion of online-only games.
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Just because you don't have a problem doesn't mean it doesn't exist.
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If you get good lag, but occasional spikes that ruin it, it's probably your connection, line, router, computer etc. etc. Doesn't matter if other games play fine.
The fact is most oceanic players have great pings
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It's funny, if you invite 10 people for dinner, and only make enough for 5, would you be considered a pathetic dumbass for not being prepared?

Blizzard either sent out the copies to the retailers, or they had people buying a digital copy directly from them, hence, they knew EXACTLY how many people to expect at launch, and it still was a horrible joke of a mess.

Now I'm not crying or anything, I lucked out and got in after 10 minutes (But my friends weren't so lucky). Just stop trying to defend a pathetic and incompetence-ridden launch that was ridiculously unprepared even though the exact numbers were available.

If you're happy with accepting low standards, don't be surprised if the next round is worse. By defending them you're essentially giving them the go-ahead to care even less about the next launch. Don't complain if they take you up on your offer.
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d3 is a good game,but is not a great game. it is more like a hd d2, but not great enough as d2, especially its online part. i really wanna my money back, and waiting for torchlight2.
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I don't know what everyone is complaining about. Haven't had one problem with ping or latency at all. Or any bugs!
Everyone I play with who are on a range of different ISP and in a number of places in Aus are having no problem :)

I played all through Normal OK... but when the difficulty increases you will definitely notice the latency more and more when your actually avoiding stuff... especially when your a Wizard... I'm on Telstra Cable... 200-300 ms.
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Tethered to my mobile phone wirelessly on a laptop in spoonsville, no problems at all ;o)

There will always be someone out there to Hate, should be a Haters forum and Servers ;P
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