Diablo® III

Installation error

I click install on the Diablo screen then click I've already activated w\e and it begins to install and usually goes straight from 1% to 9% then moments later it comes up with a screen that says the following:

ERROR: The file "R:DiabloIII.37253985.temp\Data_D3.temp\PC.temp\MPQs.temp" could not be renamed to "R:\DiabloIII.37253985.temp\Data_D3.temp\Pc.temp\MPQs". If this problem persists, please contact Blizzard Technical Support. (ConflictManager::ResolveConflicts\1) WARNING: The folder "R:\DiabloIII.37253985.temp\Data_D3.temp\PC.temp\MPQs.temp"could not be deleted. (ConflictManager::UncreateObjects) Warning: The folder "R:\DiabloIII.37253985.temp\Data_D3.temp\PC.temp" could not

it ends there on a small little screen that pops up.

I have the downloadable version.
I have also tried to do the Run as Administrator thingy, but to no avail.
Oh and I've tried installing it on both my primary drive and my secondary drive.
I have enough space on both hard drives to install it.
I've also deleted the folders and tried reinstalling it etc.
Tried restarting my computer as well.

I know this might be an easy problem, but I'm just bad at things like these so I do appreciate any and all help, thanks :D
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Try Cleaning your PC with an easy-to-use program and clean out your registry and your PC using some software.. If you cannot find a program, here's one I'll provide for you :P


If this does not fix your problem, then I'm sorry but I tried :)
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Ye tried it but the game still doesn't like me :p I much appreciate the help though
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