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Press Play and then nothing

So I'm not currently having a problem but my friend is and before he kills his computer trying to get some help. He's already run into a multitude of problems and this one is just the icing on the cake for him right now and he's thinking about returning the game because after hours of trying to make it work he has still yet to play but anyway to the point.

He finally got it installed and up to date and he goes to press play and the diablo face comes up and goes and then nothing. The computer is running like it thinks it's running the game but it isn't. It's almost like the game alt tabbed but since it was never really opened there is no game to get back into and it does this every time he tries to launch the game. There is no error there is just nothing. Anyone have any fixes for this yet?
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So we just uninstalled the game and tried again and same effect this time running things as admin and still no difference has anyone come up with a fix for this please.
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Same issue. I also have posted the same thing many times, and tried all the fixes and still have the same problem. I hope we get a solution soon.
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Same problem i have.Please help about this
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I had the issue with hanging at "updating setup files" and tried everything listed in these threads about secondary log-ons, running as admin, etc.
Following instructions on http://patchup.info/d3/tools/Win/ worked for me.

Win 7 64
Installing from fresh-from-box DVD, not downloaded copy.

The only other issue I had was after installation was at 100% nothing happened when I hit "Play." Also, when I double-clicked to start the drive would spool up and it would seem like the game was going to load, but nothing would happen. I closed the game, ctrl+alt+del and ended the Agent.exe process one more time. Next time I loaded the game everything worked fine.
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