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So with the new way stats work in Diablo 3, I was just wondering what sort of stats people are looking for at the way higher levels so far. Obviously, Dexterity should be prioritized most importantly, but what about the others?

Strength - Offers armor, but doesn't that generally do the same thing as points in Vitality? Armor means you don't die, the same as extra health. With health globes being constantly dropped, I would think this stat grows more inferior to Vitality by far.

Intelligence - Offers magical resistances. I'd give the same general argument as Strength for this stat.

Vitality - Good when health globes are abound. I'd say this stat reigns over Strength or Intelligence, except I don't yet know how much of a problem magical and physical attacks become as the game progresses. Maybe health globes drop less often in higher difficulties, causing these two stats to reign priority over Vitality?

Also, I've seen Hatred regeneration on some quivers. I'm just wondering how sexy this stat really is? While running around to farm XP, this seems to make kills easier and faster. But what about when you need to spam damage at a bulky boss or rare monster? Not worth the slight regen, or still yes?

Let me know what you are doing with some of your level 20+ Demon Hunters so far, and why you choose to pick your stats. What sort of benefits are you getting?
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You've covered the bases pretty well: We all need a healthy dose of DEX for damage and VIT so we don't get smooshed.

As for the others, you can avoid them without blinking unless they also conveniently show up on an item that has something more desirable.

As to the DH specific stats:

+Discipline: I want to like this stat, really, I do, but it's a little to hard to come by in Normal to generate any real value. As the game progresses and stat pools get larger, I think I'll find it to be a great addition to Discipline, the resource that drives our solo play

+Hate Regen: Again, the values run a little low in Normal so don't actively seek it, but this is a stat I see being valuable primarily in group play. In solo play, you'll spend a lot of time using your Discipline skills to move and manipulate the battlefield, so your Hatred usually has plenty of time to tank up all on it's own. I did however, run a set of gear totalling almost +3 hate regen/second when I was goofing around with my friends and the results were pronounced: I could hammer down on Rapid Fire, Double Chakram, or whatever your AoE of choice is for inordinately long periods of time and the tank would sustain itself very well. As long as there was someone up front absorbing the hate you're free to go nuts
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Well, so far im at the end of act 2 (i think) and im level 25.Like u said the main stat im using is dex, for the obvious reasons that i wont bother to mention since u already know them.
The rest goes like this, if i cant get a piece of gear with decent dex i will go for vitality, cause extra hp always helps.For ex: for some reason i couldnt find/craft some decent shoulders with dex, spent 10k gold and the best i got was something like 27 vit, i tought it sucked having to use vit gear but now i already found some with des but i dont wanna lose all that hp cause sometimes u run into 2 packs of champions/elites/rares and on ocasion u get into trouble fast and hp helps.
So to conclude the confusing information
Int- never unless its part of a rare/unique u got that also has dex or vit that u want to use
Dex-ur main stat so its obvious
Vit-Becoming increasingly important as the mobs are starting to hurt a lot more and u happen to be walled inside with a pack of lighting champions as well ur in trouble.I see it becoming as important as Dex in latter dificulties
Str- I use it combined with vit mostly.If a chest with dex gives me 5 extra dps and one with str and vit gives me 50+ armor and like 200hp i'll ignore the dps and go for the armor/hp.
Havent had problems with lack of dps but ive been in trouble a few times for having too little hp and nowhere to run.
Hope my confusing post helps a bit.
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