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Lag, lag, lag

Yesterday, latency seemed much worse for me than the two days prior. This happens both on my wired connection and on wireless, and a speedtest in the background showed very good speeds and ping while I was experiencing high latency in-game.
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I'm on the west coast and still getting 900ms latency, even on single player. It was fine until today, now It's so bad that it's unplayable.
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I think is cheaper for them to ignore the lag and disconnection issues for a while instead of getting more servers or something, is just a business decision , and is going to be like this until people don't play it that much, give it a week or two i guess. Bottom line, i don't see blizzard doing anything about it, sad but true. I don't have issues if i play in the morning, but from 6pm to around midnight is unplayable, i get disconnected every 5 mins, is not my connection or my configuration, is the massive influx of players , understandable, besides , after you buy the game how u gonna give it back? they just don't care, there is no use to post anything here about it, maybe only with the*#%*utic purposes so you don't bottle up frustration, but that's it, don't expect resolution.
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I'm from Brazil and I'm also lagging a lot.
Yesterday I cleared the whole nightmare mode without any problems (lagged a bit for a short time, but that was fine), but today it's just frustrating...
If only we weren't forced to play it online, even on single player...
Honestly, I don't get the point of this. If it's online-only, it means that everyone who plays it will necessarily be logged in (sounds obvious, but I'll make my point). Now, if you had single player to be offline, that would mean that not every player is connected. My point is:
Say there are 1.000.000 Diablo 3 players. The cases are:
1) Single player online means that the whole 1.000.000 are connected, demanding a lot from the servers.
2) Single player offline means that less players are connected, giving the servers some space to breathe.
Now what's happening:
1) Multiplayers suffer because the servers are lagging due to population peaks, even though some people just shouldn't be connected.
2) Single players suffer because the servers are lagging and they didn't even need to be connected at all.

That doesn't seem right to me.
I'm looking forward to blue posts about this lag...

I can't even buy an item on the AH, because it says that my session has expired.
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I was thinking hell was hard enough. They dont need to add 5 seconds of lag per ability to make it more difficult.
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I had the lag on my lap top also but I fixed it. what I did was I got a air can and I clean the in side of my computer. Getting out all that dust in of it. Then I went into my Nvidia profile and changed it from quality to performance. Now I don't have a lag on my computer when I diablo 3.
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Just felt like raging as well
Damnit blizzard how much money you making and you cant release a game decently? seriously!!!!!! game is just unplayable with this kind of lag....

will they ever fix it?

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Getting pretty awful lag right now. 700-800 with frequent drops. Pretty much unplayable.

This is silly.

Bleh... I may have to resort to leaving my house and performing other activities.

Curse you, blizzard!
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WTF 10 mins of play then 5 mins of lag fix this !@#$
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05/18/2012 06:03 AMPosted by Ragnak
why oh why do I need to be online to play a single player game? My ping is fine yet the game lags so bad i cant play the game. I'm in australia runing off the american server, and in the day time here or very late at night the game runs fine I don't get kicked out and I have no lag but come 5:00pm lag, lag, lag.

This seems to be the root of the problem. Requiring people to play a single player game online. We said this would happen when they announced it, and guess what blizz, ITS HAPPENING.
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I am experiencing major lag and this is my computer description-

Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU M 480 @ 2.67 GHz 2.67 GHz
Installed memory (RAM) : 6.00 GB (5.80 GB usable)
System type: 64-bit Operating System

Should I be experiencing major lag with this type of computer??

Thank you
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05/17/2012 08:06 AMPosted by Therathe
My play for the last 2 nights (east coast) has been mostly in slow-motion, with occasional bursts of super-speed.

exact same, 'cept im in NM. :(
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all mine does is lag i paid 60 dollars for a game that was supposed to be fun but lag ruins it dang it blizzard
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my latency is about 500-1800ms. Tried playing the game at all possible times including 2-4am, 10am, 4pm, 6pm, 12pm. Have never gotten latency below 400ms. I have 90mbs connection.
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Yo-yo latency and stuttering here, too. (Ohio)
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I contacted support and all they told me to do is ''check'' the support articles we have.
Really? That's a very nice way of you guys telling me to piss off.
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it has nothing to do with the money making aspect of the game (auction house) so they will not fix it or address the issue anytime soon.I've never seen so much lag in a game,in all my life.How could there be graphic card issues with this game,when the graphics are the worst part of the game?Aside from high latency all the friggin time.

Torchlight 2 Is Looking Better Everyday,Now.
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