Diablo® III

Lag, lag, lag

Lagiest game of the years winner lol
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Haven't been able to get a single session of lag free gaming since patch 1.0.6 has gone live. And if there was a problem with my connection, I would have seen it in Guild Wars 2 but even the massive WvW battles in that game are going perfectly fine as compared to lag-fest since this patch has gone live.
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i am having the same problim lag lag lag. i am runing 50 meg down and 10 meg up cabel with a ping of 10ms jitter of 102 packet lose 0 but when i can get in to diablo it reeds lag in the 300 normal and i have seen 2000 it is to the point that i time out just trying to get in.
but then i will get a copel realy good hours of game time. if this does not shout server i don't know whate does.
and beforr every one starts crying pc my 2 children 1 in colage 1 at home are having the same proiblims on totaly difrent kinds of pc's.
i have a copel frends that i game with and have hird them say the same is hapening to tham.
ok anouph ranting for now.
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Im wondering maybe if this is my graphics card? I can play WOW fine but its the trial version but I can play the witcher, DOTA (warcraft 3) and the matrix revolution. Maybe its my internet connection? could that be the problem? anyways my Video card is an AMD radeon HD 6310 graphics
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I get terrible lag on weekends. It makes the game almost unplayable as it suddenly speeds up and yI get mashed. My computer is a very new Mac with all the right graphic boards and RAM.
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i can't farm at all. everytime i get 1-5 stacks it pops up : NETWORK DISCONNECT. i can't finish any run. set or legendary item were droped many times and i couldn't picked it up bcs i got dc-ed. that sux and this server needs fix asap.
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yep! extremely lag...
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Love how this still isn't fixed.
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same issues here =(
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I was able to play the game perfectly well.... until lately. This last week I've been jumping on lag like crazy. I wanted to start HC, but that won't happen on this lag. Now even SC is barely playable... I just spam hotkeys while the game freezes, then wait for the rubber-band effect and watch stuff die at superspeed, then get frozen again, spam.. rinse and repeat.

NOT FUN blizz.
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