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Do I have right build for the harder levels?

I have been reading that many say WD is good at normal mode but as you reach nightmare and so on they seem to get bad and put no damage out. Right now I seem to be OP but I am only level 12. I am currently going with this build : http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/witch-doctor#VbYTcP!ZfW!YZccZZ

Is this a build that will work for further levels? Or will I be barely putting any damage out? Can somone point me into the right direction that may be playing harder level, nightmare and beyond. I just want to make sure I go into the right direcetion and dont regret rolling WD. Please help. Thank you.
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From what I experienced the dogs plus sacrifice will slow you down in advancing around from that bad CD and how fast dogs died(at least for me).

You're only level 12 though, you have plenty of time to try out stuff. I could do any build I wanted til about level 40 I had to start gettin really strategical in NM.

That Pierce the Veil probably won't work later level unless you have all Mana items. I have a very hard time keeping any mana and I am forced to use my Darts most of the time while kiting.
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you have rush of essence with no spirit spells? that's kind of useless.

pierce the vale is kind of random. you have the pets so why not go zombie handler or fetish sycophants? you could maybe go the corpse spider slow rune instead of the spider queen and spam to spawn them.

I think with the rest of this build, some aoe spell would work better than firebats just to add in some damage while everything tanks, corpse spiders should be doing alright damage by itself so add in some aoe like grasp or a dot like locust swarm to help damage.

i don’t like sacrifice play, but if you’re going to use that you should probably use runes that spawn additional dogs and whatnot.

all in all, you have the right idea. lvl 52 atm and priority is survival while squeezing out as much damage as you possible can.
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