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Good plan on delaying the RMAH opening. I think it would be a real bad idea what with auctions disappearing on GAH.

Best of luck getting it all fixed! I've had almost no issues!
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Only worried about the Artisan achievements, since they can't be re-earned.

Worked on my Barb tonight with my brother and retroactively got the level 10 achieve - and they all appear to be holding now.

And other than the achievement problems - I've been running very smoothly. Game itself appears very stable.
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Right on blizzard thanks for an awesome game!
OMG Its Bashiok!! Bash his skull in for his loot!

On a more serious note, this game is fantastic and so are the people who make it work. Tech Support im looking at you. Those behind the scenes guys and gals who spend their nights making sure the servers are working for a bunch of gamers who have pitchforks at the ready. Big thanks to everyone, im having so much fun with the game. Also my wife hates you guys, atleast thats what i think she said when i saw her briefly sometime in the last two days...
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Thanks for giving this to us. It's good to hear some specifics of what's going on, and I think we all appreciate all the effort the folks at Blizzard are putting into making Diablo 3 as awesome as we all know it can be, and as awesome as we're finding it to be now that we're able to play a bit. I just finished the boss for Act I, and my jaw dropped, even though I had heard that boss was coming sooner or later. The cinematic at the beginning of Act II is nothing short of amazing, and I'm probably going to watch it once or twice more before I actually get back to questing.

Aside from getting booted tonight during the 15-minute downtime, I've been able to play non-stop since I got home from work tonight, and I appreciate that. It's amazing, and I want to thank everyone at Blizzard for their hard work in giving us an amazing game that, so far, is well worth the 12-year wait.
Thankfully you posted this while all the trolls are playing the game.

Thank you all for an amazing game!

I'm in!
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Thank you! You all did an awesome job and I don't mind one bit that the servers were choking because of its popularity. Whatever happens, the game will still be here tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after that, so any maintenance done to improve the service is for the better.

Looking forward to slaying Diablo once more!
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got to got to log in for the first time tonight (weds), and gotta say - i love it. brings back happy memories of D2. BARRELS - SMASH!
I love you Blizz, thanks for the game
Thanks for your hard work and effort.
As a bit of feedback, there has been a bit of latency issue since the last patch (US playing on America server) might wanna check that out.
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Thanks for all the hard work going on behind the scenes to get such a huge launch off the ground and running. I'm having an immense amount of fun figuring out what this game is all about!

Good idea to delay the launch of the Real Money AH. Frankly my one real complaint about the game is the poor functionality of the AH, and I would hope to see it tweaked quite a lot before people's real money becomes involved. I miss the WoW-style AH!

Again, thanks for all the hard work. There's always a vocal minority who are (understandably) frustrated with the difficulties, but I for one recognize the huge endeavor launching a game of this size represents.
Thanks for the feedback and don't forget to send more information about the achievements bug (and if you will recover or not the lost achievements). I'm just waiting for the fix to continue playing.
sweet thanks!! installing d3 now
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The errors haven't bothered me as much as I would have thought. Thanks for constant updates during the downtime. This game is amazing and I'm hooked!
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only serious problem I got so far was the LAG...

since the beta I play with 250ms ping.. (yesterday too).

but today I was getting 450ms all day long! Hope you guys know about this, and are working to fix it.

^^ also and up as hi as 1500 for me at times
Hope you guys know about this, and are working to fix it
Game itself has been great, we'll just say that connection and smoothness of online related features has been less than decent.
One thing that is really frustrating for players is that the server status page is not up to date at the time when servers are down. So when people get kicked of the game or cant log in the first thing people do is attempt to verify if the problem is on their end with connection/internet issues or on the server end. The status page says everything is fine and dandy for a good 15m-30m before it gets updated.
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