Hi there,

Was playing around in Act III last night and something strange occurred with a couple of rare drops - I was pounding through a screen full of demons when I saw a rare weapon drop (yay!), then when I had more or less cleaned up all of the baddies I went back to pick up the drop, there was one demon left right over by the drop, killed him and another rare weapon of the exact same type dropped right beside the original.

TP'd back to town a little bit later and got around to identifying them - they are both identical in both name, type and stats. Unforunately I'm not near my gaming computer at the moment so I can't put in the exact details, but I believe they were rare axes. They're not great items, but I kept them both in my stash in case you guys wanted a screenshot or anything.

Might have been a one time glitch, but I thought I would report it anyways. If you require any more information please let me know and I'll do my best to provide whatever.

- Robes
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