Diablo® III

The Mysterious Covetous Shen

A friend and I are playing thru Diablo together, he has decided to upgrade his blacksmith and I help him with pages and materials, in return he helps me upgrade my jeweler and I provide him with upgraded gems and such. Everybody wins.

Recently I decided to learn a little more about this mysterious old man, who turns out could be a god! Thru several dialogue boxes he explained to me that there is some sort of jewelcrafting tool or something hidden in the aquaducts beneath Caldeum. Has anybody discovered this? I would like to complete any side quest the jeweler has to offer in hopes of unlocking some secret content or just making that old man happy! He cracks me up with the things he says.
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You picked up the jewel crafting thing he was looking for when you recruited him. How do you think he combines your gems?
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Linear? might I inquire as to what Diablo game wasn't linear? Diablo 1 you went down dungeon levels from an entrance to an exit... Diablo 2 you did the same thing, though mostly above ground. You jut went form zone to zone... you never had side quests really. Apart from The Dark Tower and things you automatically found in Act 3... oh Act 3. How i hate thee!
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It's funny how everyone keeps complaining about how "linear" this game is.

But, they haven't even done all the side quests etc. I mean I'm playing much much more slowly now that I am in NM mode and I'm finding things I never saw in normal mode.

Keep me updated if you find anything!

Im taking it slow right out of the gate so I can really experience it the first time as I know from D2 that I will replay the same content about 4 million times.

You're right there are tons of side quests/dungeons to enter and fight through.

I have had the game for 3 days and am only level 13 and I wouldn't want to mov any faster than I am right now.

Awesome game so far!
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