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diablo 3 restarting computer very annoying


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alright yet again blizzard u have let me down i can play but my friends n others are complaining that within 5-15 minutes of gameplay they get booted into a freeze screen forcing users to restart there os
now his comp is better than mine n his keeps rebooting him. so i sit ther 95% of the time waiting for him to restart!!!!!!!!

this is retarded how an ungraphical game can do such a number we play tera n gw2 (comparing graphics) to a rts!
well, maybe if you posted the Technical Details of the computer, there could be a start. Unless Blizzard is psychic now
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4 more gbs of ram
My System Specifications

Operating System:
Windows (Service Pack 1)
CPU Type:
AMD Athlon(tm) II X4 640 Processor
CPU Speed:
3.02 GHz
System Memory:
4 GB
Video Card Model:
AMD Radeon HD 6570
Video Card Memory:
2.74 GB
Video Card Driver:
Desktop Resolution:
Hard Disk Size:
686.11 GB
Hard Disk Free Space:
471.56 GB (69%)
Download Speed:
1.55 MB/s (13 mbps)
What temperature does the CPU/GPU reach when playing D3? Look for Everest (google it) for PC
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Having similar issues and I assure you it's not my system, unless Diablo 3 has some kind of error with the GTX 590. I can run The Witcher 2, Battlefield 3 and Total War Shogun 2 all on Ultra settings with AA with absolutely no issues. But when I try to run this game on high my GPU freaks out and the temperate of it skyrockets to 110. Went and played BF3 for a few hours with no issues either and came back and still had problems. I even tried to set the setting to medium then to low and the same thing happens. Seems like this game is very poorly optimized.
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mines fine. i have no problem...
and it cant be fan problem.
same graphics card
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yea trust me its not a computer issue at all we run bf3 and such its an outrage!
Hey guys, here's how I fixed my pc from crashing every 30 mins or so while trying to play D3. My pc kept restarting every 30 minutes, give or take, when I was playing diablo 3 but I saw a blue post about it and the issue was my radeon 4800 hd wasn't supported and that is what was caused it. AMD released a hot fix for some of the radeon cards that were having these issues with D3 and Skyrim and I just put that in today and my pc isn't crashing anymore when I play. So you might want to check out your drivers and see if there are any hotfixes.

here's a link to the hotfix that fixed the problem for me:
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Yep same problem here, can run bf3 on full- yet D3 restarts my computer.

Blizzard made a derp
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Same here... so so so disappointed. at least 10 threads about this same problem..and Blizzard has done NOTHING.
Hey...maybe i got a simple solution for Nvidia users: i've installed on my PC the Geforce Geforce 285.62 64 bits and my PC did not restarted so far...+1 hour gaming and no problems...

I'll keep this post updated if the problem persist. Please, try it and let us know if your problem was solved.

PS: Funny thing...Diablo III Laucher asked to update driver version due performance problems while playing Diablo III.

Edit: Did not work. Still restarting...trying now underclocking GPU and Updating BIOS.
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I encounter this same problem. I run BF3, and other games perfectly fine, but when I try to start D3 it randomly restarts the comp without a blue screen, or anything.
The same problem. Mine PC restarts after I do ALT+TAB and back again to the game.
Same thing happened to me, since the first patch came up some 10 days ago.

It's a temperature problem for sure because D3 is overheating the PC and I'm getting a black screen locking up and I need to restart my PC every 5 minutes or so.

Blizzard, it's time to release another patch fixing it now.
I've had the same issues with random restarts. But I have finally found a cure. I have an AMD hd6670 Graphics card and i downloaded the 12.6 driver. With it came the catalyst controller for the graphics card. I changed the settings of the Catalyst COntroller for AMD Graphics Card to low settings:

1)PERFORMANCE > AMD OVERDRIVE> High Performance GPU setting to 700mhz(mid set) > High Perfomance CLock settings to 1050(mid set)> Fan control manual set to 100%

2)GAMING > 3D APPLICATION SETTINGS > ANTI-ALIASING check Morphological filtering set to lowest and standard > TESSALATION check Use application settings set to 64x > CATALYST AI > texture filtering set to performance or lowest setting(left most) and disable surface format optimization > ANTI-ALIASING MODE set to left most or performance> OPEN GL check triple bufffering.

3) CLick apply setting.

The graphics will be craptastic. But it wont reset anymore. For the most part writings will still be readable and temps wont spike up as often. For the peeps with Nvidia, i suggest to try changing the settings as well to its lowest to a point where things are still readable. Hope this helps! Good luck people!

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