Hi guys, just want to share... i dont know exactly what, a tip? A thought? A consideration maybe?

Im playing a Barbarian (now it's 22) principally with 2 weapons... and i was having some difficult with large group of mobs or large group of mobs combined with elite (blue\yellow). I cannot play from morning to twilight because of job, so i rarely come back to grind again a certain area of a level. (I specify, i clear all the visible map layer, but i rarely repeat that again logging off the game.)

So i go straight to the storypoint and did not care too much about dropping a good item.

I also stacked some gold because i waited before leveling up the blacksmith, then i thought:

Let's see whats going on the Auction House (I was biased because I thought that in the early periods the stuff would cost a lot)

Dafuq, with 6k gold (20 min of play?) i geared up my barbarian with "38-40 dps" weapons and increased all my other stats by a lot.

Now i roll over beethoven through the burning demons like a boss!

So, maybe yes, it's a tip: take a look at AH, prices are good and the stuff really rocks!