Summary: Medium quality shadows are at model's origin depth, not model's feet depth. Mouse cursor and item nameplates are at normal UI depth. This makes 3D Vision players sad.

TLDR version: Hey, I know nVidia 3D Vision isn't officially supported, and you're probably already working on a patch to better accomodate players who it anyway, but there are a couple of minor things regarding depth that should be trivial to fix but would majorly impact gameplay.

First up, medium-quality shadows appear too close compared to the model's feet. It looks like they're drawn at the model's head depth, not at the feet. Low quality shadows are all manner of messed up when viewed in 3D but I'm guessing anyone choosing low quality shadows probably doesn't have a 3D rig anyway so it probably doesn't matter.

Secondly, the mouse cursor and the nameplates for dropped loot are both drawn at screen depth, making it tiring to refocus on either of them. It'd be awesome if they were at roughly the depth of the underlying terrain or dropped loot.

Anyway, keep up the great work. I've been a fan since Lost Vikings and that ain't changing. :) Cheers!

Edit: Make that all nameplates. TY!
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