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[Bug] Achievement Criteria Issue

Several of my achievements ingame have not been awarded even though the criteria has been met, namely "Bless You", "A Nice Place To Visit" and "Field Work" for example.

I have noticed that these achievements have been unlocked before, but due to the server problems on the Diablo III release they have become bugged and impossible to complete, as the criteria for them have already been met and they refuse to be awarded to my account.

Restarting does not solve the issue. Redoing them does also not solve the issue since I have already completed the objectives of the achievements.

The following link is a picture of the situation explained above.

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Same problem persists for me.. Like i killed the Butcher on nightmare but not on normal :)
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90 Orc Warrior
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I had the same problem. I tried remake this, but had no any positive result.

They need fix it...
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Though i have gotten the field work achievement, i have been unable to obtain the Thorough Investigation achievement although all criteria have been met.
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bump. A lot of my book achieves and normal boss achieves are incomplete. All of the achieves I got release night I lost. Some I was able to go get again, but others I can't. I know they are trying to fix it, but it is annoying.
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Bumping for importance.
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Agreed, this is a pretty annoying issue. Several of my Act 1 achievements won't register. The Beast Master (or whatever the one is called where you have to read the lore books on the enemies) is not working in particular. Even if I re-read the entries it will not give me the achievement.

Good job at keeping the game relatively error free since the second day though. I had my doubts, but you guys have been on top of it.
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Same here, "Field work" all requirements met, but achievement not earned. Exploring areas with new character does not help. Please fix it Blizz.
Screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/3lKyS.jpg
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Bumping this again.
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I've talked to the support about it, they said the forwarded the issue to the development team or something. They'll try to find a hotfix as soon as possible.
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