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Templar socket ?

What gems should you use to socket his armor and weapon?
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as much vitality and strength as you can get is what I did.
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90 Undead Mage
Depends what class you're running, in my opinion. On my Barbarian, I don't need him to soak as many hits, so I wasn't afraid to toss him some strength and raw damage stats. He has CC that the Scoundrel doesn't, and the Enchantress is circumstantial, so I like running with him.

On my Wizard, I run him pure durability, Vitality and all that. Strength is a luxury but if the Templar has a handle on the mob, I can unload. I found if I ran him Strength anyway, he started to get pasted at inconvenient times. So he's a rock on my Wizard, and I assume that's probably the best way to build him on any ranged character.
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05/21/2012 09:04 AMPosted by Bovinius
What armor?

The rings and amulets can have sockets.
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Templar: Rubies (for Str and Wep Dmg) and Amethysts (for Vit).
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For whatever reason, socketing a Topaz in the Templar's weapon does not give him the thorns from the gem. I used a flawless square topaz in my weapon's socket and the only thorns damage the templar had was 4 dmg from the shield slot.

Not that it matters in harder difficulties, but in normal mode the 100 thorn damage from a flawless square topaz greatly boosts his damage "output" considering if you added a flawless square ruby instead his autoattack dmg would likely be lower than the dmg bonus on the red gem. Depending on how often he can be attacked, you can see how the thorn damage can add up vs his 1.3 attacks a second.
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i use him as a block bot... might not do a lot of damage but I give him thorns shield (high block) and blocking gear with regen... that way I can use him as bait ...
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