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Spirit Walk .. Wait, what?

^^ never had it happen to me
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07/16/2013 04:02 PMPosted by cornelius
Well I think the leaving body behind is a bit misleading in the sense that the mobs by default will go attack a "fake" body of yours. I noticed it from to time where they would go attack where I used spirit walk( it leaves some kind of a purple body form). It's kinda ok but wouldn't rely on it too much for positioning.

I think the question Thursday is trying to ask is: Does the 2 (or 3) second invulnerability able to be cancelled if enemies deal enough damage to the WD dummy ghost?

I'm sure over the past year, they have had their question answered :)
And I don't know to answer Goulash.
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07/16/2013 03:49 PMPosted by Goulash
So -from experience- is does NOT work on Diablos bone prison??

This thread is more than a year old. Since you're playing hardcore mode, I shall help you out.

Timer 0:40, you see that my SW allows me to continue my channel even though I'm exactly where the cage is.

The cage takes about 2 secs to complete the animation, from the start to the "snap close" of the cage, you have to be in spirit mode to avoid it. That means, only the Jaunt (3 sec) rune can do it, unless you're extremely accurate with your timing and without lag.

Once you fail to avoid the cage animation, and you're caught, it is as good as being stunned, you can't do anything, just wait for Diablo to grab you up. Be very careful with the Diablo fight, especially against your own shadow (Hex is highly recommended). If your shadow casts bears and gets a critical hit, 1-shot death is very possible.

Note: just in case you're getting the wrong impression from this old thread, SW has a spirit form and a real form. When the decoy take in damage greater than half your life pool, you turn back into your real form, regardless whether the full 2 or 3 secs is up.
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I'm pretty sure I never lose health when in the spirit realm. I rune SW for Umbral Shock and use it right next to mobs so it will blow them up. So no, I don't think they could deal enough damage to my ghost,
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