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Region in Aus/NZ: Sydney, Australia.
ISP Name: Internode
Connection Type: ADSL 2
Latency Range in game: 280-500 with higher spikes.
Average Latency: 350 or so.
Server/region: US

Unplayable, anything more than 200ms is simply not an enjoyable experience for this type of game. Singapore SEA servers please.
Region in Aus/NZ: Sydney NSW
ISP Name: Iprimus
Connection Type: ADSL1 8mb
Latency Range in game: 230-2000
Average Latency: Usually between 300 and 450 ms.

When the latency is stable the game is playable, not great but playable. I have never been disconnected though. The connection isnt amazing but i dont have this trouble with other games or on xbox live.

Tonight it was all over the place and I had upto 60 second periods where nothing around me would respond, then everything fast forwards and im dying. That happened 3 times tonight. I could chat, background animations played, i could move, appeared to be attacking but nothing was happening.

Very frustrating, I don't think I'll ever be able to play the game totally as intended, no offline mode was a backhand to loyal customers who have been with this franchise from the start. People can play the blame game but the end result is a product has been released that doesnt consider end user experience and that's a poor call no matter how you spin it. Chance of me paying for an expansion/DLC unless user experience improves significantly - zero.
OK. I play this while I travel for work... But the results are interesting to say the least.

Region in Aus/NZ: Currently WA, Perth CBD
ISP Name: Not sure of the actual fiber provider, but I route through my own Internode.
Connection Type: Fiber Optic
Latency Range in game: 210-280 stable
Average Latency: 255.

Yesterday in Brisbane, it was sitting at 400-600 consistently. Really strange that the wrong side of Australia on fiber optic is actually better than Brissie.
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Region in Aus/NZ: Regional Victoria
ISP Name: Aussie Broadband (Formerly Wideband Networks)
Connection Type: ADSL2+ ~10mbit/.60mbit
Latency Range in game: 200-400
Average Latency: 250
Region in Aus/NZ: Wellington New Zealand
ISP Name: Slingshot
Connection Type: i.e (ADSL) ADSL2+
Latency Range in game: 220 - 1800
Average Latency: 400 - 460

Beta was fine at about 140 - 180
At launch (after the avalanche of connects subsided) was about 220-550
After the maintenance I have yet to see anything lower than 330 and mot time in the 480 - 550+

Why you didnt give us a local server for a game the requires a constant connection is beyond me, and just smacks of corner cutting and a lack of respect for you non U.S. customers.

You've had YEARS to plan for this. Millions and millions of dollars to invest thanks to your money making WoW machine, and still you expect us to deal with sh!t like this after we paid for what was supposed to be a finished and polished product.

Allow offline, or give us a server. Stop ripping off paying customers ffs. YOU caused the issue and if you took 5 seconds to look past the money you plan to make from the RMAH and see the thousands of pissed off customers maybe then you'd fix the fkn game and stop needing to "Thank us for our patience", because as you might be able to tell some of us have run out of patience.
Region in Aus/NZ: Melbourne, VIC
ISP Name: iiNet
Connection Type: ADSL, 8mbit
Latency Range in game: 250-800
Average Latency: 400

Hope this helps you guys fix it. Looks like a lot of angry peeps in the ANZ region at the moment.
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Region in Aus/NZ : Regional NSW
ISP Name: Telstra
Connection Type: ADSL 2
Latency Range: 400-2000
Average Latency: 450

Notes: Not sure if this helps anyone or if anyone has also experienced similar things, but here goes.

- Latency is worse during peak US times, and Peak Aus/NZ times (goes from stable ~400ms to 600+ms with huge rubber banding/spikes
- Often unplayable on the weekend due to spiking/banding
- Latency is significantly more stable the fewer units you have on screen and the less players you have in game, I often play with 2 friends, and i often lag when both are present, but when I play alone I encounter this issue significantly less. This obviously means that as you increase the difficulty level that you are playing the issue becomes exponentially worse.
-Lag appears to have worsened since patch.
- My Computer is WELL ABOVE the specifications for the game, so it is highly unlikely the issue could arise from this aspect.

Thank you for the effort that you are putting into fixing this issue, but without local servers or the option of playing offline my hope of playing Hardcore characters through inferno is non existant, it just cannot be accomplished with the current issues.

Kind Regards
Region in Aus/NZ: Brisbane south
ISP Name: tpg
Connection Type: adsl2+
Latency Range in game: 250~700+
Average Latency:400
Region in Aus/NZ: Hobart
ISP Name: aanet
Connection Type: adsl2+
Latency Range in game: 210-950
Average Latency:450
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Region in Aus/NZ: Toowoomba
Connection Type: ADSL
Latency Range in game: 430-1200+
Average Latency:450

Before maintenance, latency was at a steady 180 and had only the occasional rubber banding.

Since maintenance, latency has been at least 430 with regular lag spikes and frequent rubber banding.
Region in Aus/NZ: Melbourne
Connection Type: ADSL 2+
Latency Range in game: 275-1000+
Average Latency:450

Even with low latency, I get consistent rubber banding (which, naturally, makes fights like Diablo particularly frustrating, as you might *think* you haven't been caged, but you just snap back to a cage spot and then he savages you)
Region in Aus/NZ : ACT
ISP Name: iiNet
Connection Type: ADSL 2
Latency Range: 350-1500
Average Latency: 400 if there aren't any mobs on the screen; 600-700 otherwise

Have to agree with the other post that the game has far less latency with fewer units on screen. I have almost died a few times after being mobbed by uniques. Annoying.

I hope that you sort this out soon, as the game is pretty unplayable at the moment.

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Region in Aus/NZ: Queensland/Brisbane
ISP Name: Telstra
Connection Type: 100Mbps Cable
Latency Range in game: 300-1800
Average Latency: it is either around 300 (after around 10pm local time), or up around 1800 (before around 10pm local time)

Note: I get 179ms rock solid latency to WoW servers (both measures).
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Region in Aus/NZ: Sydney
ISP Name: iinet
Connection Type: ADSL 2+
Latency Range in game: 220 -700 during AEST daytime, 400 - 2200 after about 8pm AEST :(
Average Latency: 300/350ish

Seriously Blizz, the easiest and best fix is a local server. We paid more for the game than the US so surely you can afford one.
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Region in Aus/NZ: Brisbane, Australia
Connection Type: i.e (ADSL) ADSL2+
Latency Range in game: 350-1900ms
Average Latency: 450ms

I also use a tunnel service and it doesn't seem to help much with Diablo3 at all, I normally sit on ~194ms in WoW - Oceanic servers.

05/21/2012 06:03 AMPosted by DiscoStuzbot
We paid more for the game than the US

You are off topic but since you went there. Many people pre-ordered Diablo 3 and paid not just more for the game but due to Australia's purchasing power parity prior to this past week, at a decidedly higher rate than consumers in other countries.
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Those of you giving information and still blasting at blizzard are fools, if your unhappy why the hell still post to get this fixed...go sit in the corner somewhere and shutup or get rid of the game..!

And some people are still telling blizzard how to run things...you guys are a joke to society..!
Region in Aus/NZ: Melbourne
ISP Name: Dodo
Connection Type: ADSL 2+
Latency Range in game: 450-900ms
Average Latency: 250-350ms

Even when my latency is good this game struggles, even on a top of the line machine.
Region in Aus/NZ: Melbourne CBD, VIC, Australia.
Connection Type: ADSL 2+ (300m from exchange)
Latency Range in game: 280-600 with higher spikes (up to 2000).
Average Latency: 350-400
Server/region: US

Unplayable at times which is really disappointing given that I only want to play single player and have no interest in RMAH. I used to have lower pings playing team fortress classic on my 56k modem. Not happy to say the least.
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