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What Affixes would you have wanted to see?

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There's a lot of threads going on right now about how items are boring and not that exciting and how bread and butter +dmg, +prime stats, +vit, +attack speed are vastly better than any other affix in the game by a wide margin. The flashy stats don't have the magnitude to be competitive and most of all, there's no affixes in the game that feel unique that we haven't seen in every other ARPG on the market. ...so lets fix that! What kinds of affixes would you *like* to see on items and legendaries? What would you see on an item that would make you drool that you haven't seen in any other game before? I'll start. I'll note some of my suggestions are a bit runestone'ish or conflict with that system which could be a problem, however I stand by the excitement of getting something with impact is more important than potential confusion with runes.

- Chance when struck to be rendered invulnerable for 1 second (This could be modified so it could be 'if hit for more than X% of your life, you are invulnerable for 1 second)

- Chance when a ranged ability is used for that same ability to be mirrored almost instantly off the global cooldown.

- Chance on melee attack for the strike to detonate to do 50% weapon damage to all targets within 5 yards as fire/arcane/frost/etc

- Increase damage to frozen/stunned/slowed/etc target by X% (Or a flat damage boost to those targets scaled by prime stats)

- Chance on attack to gain +25% attack speed for X seconds

- Chance on attack to gain a charge. At five charges your next attack will do 3x damage. (Independent of crit stats)

- When struck you gain a charge. At five charges you detonate doing X arcane/fire/etc damage to all targets in 6 yards

- X% chance on melee attack to unleash a bolt of chain lightning doing X-Y lightning damage to primary target and chaining to 3-4 targets (Basically a chance to cast electrocute on melee swings)

- Gain a charge everytime you crit. Each charge grants you +2% chance to crit up to a max of five charges. Charge duration is refreshed with each crit and the buff lasts 3 seconds

- X% chance when struck to regenerate Y health over 3 seconds. (Y would be much higher than most passive health regen)

- X% chance when struck to reduce all damage by Y% for 3 seconds. (Y would be a very high number)

- Reduce all cooldowns by 1-2 seconds everytime you crit (Stacks with similar passives)

- Fire damage has a chance to do an additional X% weapon damage over time for the next 3 seconds. (Should be a high number since it's only good with a specific damage type)
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Copy+Pasting my post from another thread.

I'd love to see suffixes that are direct counters to certain types of Rare/Champion mobs:

- Immune to Desolation
- Immune to Arcane Sentries
- Cannot be Frozen
- Cannot be Feared
- Physical Damage goes through Immunity (hate those mobs as a Barb :[ )

I realize these are extremely powerful stats but remember that these would only be on Legendaries and the fact that Legendaries are suppose to be...well...LEGENDARY! To make sure it doesn't get too out of control, make it so only one of these suffixes can be active. For example, you can't wear two pieces of gear that each have one of these suffixes. You'd have to choose from one or the other. I know as a Barb in Inferno, I would do anything for a "Cannot be Frozen" or "Immune to Desolation" suffix.
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-chance to absorb elite affix on hit
-more interesting skill mods (+range on aoe, chance to pierce)
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Pierce might be tricky since a lot of ranged skills have it lumped in. However I think it could work on specific skills. IE: A hunter weapon that could add pierce to something ilke bolo shot or entangling shot that don't already have a rune that does it.

I really like the affixes that counter elite/champion mods though. Immune/reduced damage from chains/arcane or reduced freezing chances are all cool ideas.
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Looks like Torchlight 2 has some pretty good ideas for creative item mods. I've seen some items from their beta that allow the item to upgrade itself after a certain requirement has been met. Check these out:


Blizzard! Take note of that! Their loot seems a helluva lot cooler than your loot. (To be fair, your skill system beats the hell out of theirs. If you could jsut combine your good ideas with theirs we'd have a freaking amazing game)
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